Nine Eleven Plus Thirteen

"It all comes right back. Trembling, quaking rage."

Evergreen Fury and Learning to Say Goodbye Every Day
I watch this, and it all comes right back. Trembling, quaking rage. Good. It’s a consolation to know that I’m still human – at least a little. Please, God, let me never become like the blunted, impotent wretches of western civilization, self-righteously indifferent to evil, desensitized, unable to sort reality from the flickershow. …

#NeverForget 9-11: Remembering 9-11, and WTC victim Peter Edward Mardikian
…Peter Edward Mardikian, one of 2,996 victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on our nation. … As it was for most of us, September 11, 2001 started off as an average day for Mr. Mardikian. …

Did you know these 9/11 stories?
I didn’t—or at least, I didn’t remember them after thirteen years.

Falling man.
Photo: Richard Drew, c/o Esquire

9-11: George W. Bush and his bullhorn
… That was the day a man who won a disputed, contentious election truly became President of the United States of America, and I’ll forever be grateful for him. …

Former Press Secretary to Bush Tweets Minute by Minute Account of 9/11
On this 13th anniversary of the horrific attack on America, a former Press Secretary to Bush is tweeting a minute by minute account of the events of the day as he witnessed them.

Photo: Ethan Miller/Las Vegas Sun, c/o Political Clown Parade

The Spirit Of America
On September 12, 2001 the spirit of America awoke from its slumber. The American flag began to fly everywhere we looked to show defiance against the terrorists. The sight of Old Glory was a rallying cry for a wounded nation.

The Day The Earth Was Soaked With Tears
Remembering 9/11 is gut-wrenching. My heart is filled with sorrow. The tears flow seemingly without end. The memories are just as vivid today as they were thirteen years ago.

Danny Lewin, American Badass
Y-not on Ace of Spades. This morning as we grieve for the men, women, and children murdered 13 years ago, it's worth remembering that the cowards who killed them are losers. … So here's a story of an American badass, Danny Lewin.

Remembering 9/11 … Both of Them
What he did not…dared not mention is that its also the second anniversary of a terrorist attack on sovereign American soil and the murder of four Americans,including a US ambassador.Hillary ordered the US Marines guarding the embassy replaced with Libyan militia.Obama turned his back and went to bed because he had a fundraiser the next day.These men didn’t have to die.

Mindful Webworks

World Trade Day 2013
Remember When. Remember Why. [Videos playlist]

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They had to count them all. [Daily Doodle 2012 Sep 11]

The 10th Anniversary Passes With a Whisper
The Good News: Nothing Much Happened, Again. The Bad News: It happened. [from Sep 2011]

The 10th Anniversary, part 2
A few more links recalling the events, and the consequences, of September 11, 2001. [from Sep 2011]

Declaring Peace
Regarding the 2001-Sep-11 hijackings and attacks on New York City, the Pentagon, and wherever Flight 93 was heading. Text added on 2001 Sep 25.
Part 1 stands up pretty well.