Rename the Washington R-Words

Would the Washington Palefaces also be disparaging?

The U.S. Trademark Office has un-trademarked the Washington Redskins. Hello, 1984, says chrissythehyphenated on PoliNation. On Ace of Spades, Maetenloch suggests, "maybe others can play at the same game."

Some comments on Ace of Spades blog inspired some webwork manipulation. Comments like…

Any government with enough power and time to consider whether a Trademark is "offensive" is a government with too much power and time.
— AllenG (Dedicated Tenther)

Get a load of these 12 trademarks that are less offensive than The Redskins
—Vic (Language Warning… duh)

Certain individuals are particularly responsible for this extension of the overreach of Federal power in the name of confusing sticks and stones with words.

I still like the Washington Thinskins. I don't know what the logo would be though.
— toby928(C)

There were many great suggestions for a new name for the team. Some were even printable in a more-or-less family website.

The Redskins should keep the name but change the logo to a fat white guy with a really bad sunburn.
—Raul Johnson

Well, either that, or…

Of course, this might be considered degrading to women. And sunbathers. And skin cancer sufferers. And Muslims, of course. And all other people who make a lifestyle out of taking offense.

I still prefer Washington Tyrants.

Meet the new Umpire in Chief of the Nationalized Baseball League, owner of his own pet team…