Repeal Daylight Savings Time Tyranny!

Repeal! Repeal! Rewind!

I invested my saved daylight time at interest. When most of you get your hour back, I got a return of an hour and seven minutes back.


When I asked the fellah who rents the pasture about it, he said you adjust the cattle by winding their tails. Clockwise in the Spring...


As DST ends, I have three house clocks, a microwave, a coffee maker, and one auto clock to adjust.

The clock on the other vehicle was always on Standard Time. Because I can't not adjust my wristwatch anymore, since I quit wearing one, I resist tyranny in the truck.


Always disappointing, when alleged or self-described Constitutional conservatives don't see the fingers of unConstitutional governance for what they are. Welfare, prohibitionism, public transportation, government schools, so broadly accepted, tolerated, even expected, by ignorant citizens, are all creeping (sometimes hustling) socialism.

So, please help stop tyranny:
Sign the Petition to Get Government out of our Clocks!
End Daylight Savings Time!


Eternal ClockThe point is not DST itself, of course.

The point is the government all up in our clocks.

Get over it, says anybody who's happy with, or not personally affected by, some overreach or other of government.

Sorry. It's the principle of the thing. The principle of the proper and improper province of government.

Businesses, individuals, you want to adjust your work hours or golf club hours or sleeping time twice a year, fine, go ahead. Make it a big club so you can all do it on the same day, whatever you please. The Saving Time Club. You can have votes on when and everything. Your school or job or family doesn't respect your DST preference? Move, change jobs, find a new family. If that were the way it was, we could say, "It's a free country."

"But," ask those inured to tyranny, "Without a Law, everybody would be on different schedules! How will we all know what time it is?"

By leaving the clocks alone. Duh. You change your store's 9-to-5 to 8-to-4 if you want to.

Repeal of 100% of what "government" is permitted to do by our neglect to reign it in - that's the principle of the thing.


Y'know, as long as I'm tilting at windmills…

Repeal Time Zone Designations altogether!
Bring back God's accurate Local Time!

Time, as time zones, were standardized primarily so that train schedules could be accurate. Today's shipping techniques are all digitized, and computerized clocks - as with sundials - know where they are, so, they can know when it is at that location. We can return to God's sun's local time everywhere. If you need to refer to a global standard, there's always Greenwich Mean.

And DST was sold to the public as a means to save on whale oil used for lighting, so people wouldn't burn so much for light in the evening. Whale oil lighting — that's still so precious nowadays!

Returning to local time would be a hoot. Totally possible, with digital, geo-aware, linked-up clocks.

But then, then, after the EMPs