Ronald Reagan's Legacy

Some links related to the legacy of President Ronald Reagan.

I heard this timely item on Mark Levin,[*] then found the YouTube.
Reagan on Carter & the Shah[*]

One day, I sat down with my little girl to watch Mr Rogers, but instead found Dan Rather with a model of a rocket in front of him, and before he could say a word, my heart sank. Touching on all the right points, a much-needed, sincere, and well-delivered Presidential eulogy.[*]

I don't even want to think about how Obama would handle a moment like that. Oh, wait! We already know, from his Gifford speech and his reaction after Fort Hood!

Always worth another watch, the classic "Tear down this wall!"[*]

This led me to review several great videos from the fall of the wall -- What a still-inspiring moment! -- like this one.[*]

Not videos, but perhaps you've seen the original TIME's Obama-Reagan cover?[*] Maybe you've also seen one of the "flipped" versions.[*] But have you seen this
great alternative version?[*]

And one last Reagan item:

I convinced my McGovern voting Democrat parents to vote for Reagan. We had a class project to write about the candidates. I did Reagan, the more I read the more I liked. I showed my parents, and as innocent young kids are apt to do, I asked them why they liked Carter. They could not give me an answer. They voted for Reagan and never looked back. They still owe me for that one!!!
HillBuzz commentor lori February 1, 2011 at 10:38 pm[*]

Additional Reagan centennial links

US Marine Cries During 21 Gun Salute to Ronald Reagan at His Birthday Tribute (Video)

Reagan historic site board rejects federal ownership

The board of directors for the Ronald Reagan Boyhood Home National Historic Site voted four years ago to turn down an offer from the National Park Service to buy the Dixon site, said Ann Lewis, chairwoman of the Dixon Reagan Centennial Commission.

The board decided that given Reagan’s belief in small government, he wouldn’t have wanted his boyhood home to become federal property.

“We figured Mr. Reagan would be real unhappy,” she said.

Reagan, the only Illinois-native elected president of the United States, was born in Tampico, Ill., on Feb. 6, 1911, and lived in Chicago, Galesburg and Monmouth before spending his adolescent years in Dixon.