The Long and Winding Road to World Unity

I'd like to teach the world to sing, in perfect har-mo-neeee...

Nobel Prize awarded to European Union

One useless, failed lefty organization awarding a prize to another failed lefty organization, as some wag on Ace (I think) commented.

To cop a phrase from PJ Media's Roger Simon (on a different subject), no one "with an IQ in triple digits" would consider the "peace" prize to be anything but a sick joke, if not before, at least after BO got it for not being George Bush.

The European Union is so disappointing. When young, I had hopes that post-WW2 European nations had actually begun to bury the hatchets and unite. I recognized that their initial union had the same flaws as the small-u united States, lacking those functions and powers which America quickly understood were needed to make the USA a real nation (rather than a confederation of states, yet still balancing with the individual states' powers), but I imagined Europe could soon move up to real nationhood as we did. Alas, lacking America's cultural unity, still mired in divisive regionalisms, Europe got mired at that primordial stage. Worse, they incorporated with more the UN-ish idea of "rights" than the American ideals of liberty, and oligarchy-down rather than citizen-up form of government. The EU ended up being as unlike the USA as the French revolution was unlike America's.

Someday, there may come a real union for Europe. Also, Africa, and regions of Asia. The progression from tribes to nations to supernations (I skipped a few steps) suggests that, if humanity survives long enough, world government is possible, even an inevitable necessity. But as failed unions like the USSR and the EU demonstrate, humankind is more inclined to accept some type of tyranny than it is at all prepared for true liberty and self-governance. Even America is threatened with not being able to (hi, Mr Franklin) keep the Republic. The Armageddonist's model of imposed tyranny is more likely, and such world tyranny would not be easy to reform back to our ideals. Meanwhile, "wars and rumors."

The Stars & Stripes

Although I was pretty young, I remember the thrill when we added two stars to our flag. It seemed to my mind the nation was still "young," and growing. Well, we maxed out and crapped out in a lot of ways; it's not like we're such a shining beacon on high that the provinces of Canada and the estados de Mexico are clamoring to switch allegiance and add themselves to our star field, too. Nevertheless, the USA remains the unique historical model of national metamorphosis and the best model for states seeking unity, even world unity (God willing), but... not as the NWO folks think of it, not humanity as it is now, so, not at this end of this millenium, anyway. Meanwhile, USA peace through strength. Even though we won't get any prize for not being Europe.

This article started out as a comment response to The EU and the Nobel: Transnational Buffoonery, by Keiko Shimizu on Zilla of the Resistance.