Harder Times Again

Harder times come and go. Or are harder times always ahead?

        Cm     Db      C
There's harder times a-comin'.
               Cm    Db        C
   Yes, they're just around the bend.
Cm     Db      C
Tunnel lookin' darker
           Bb7               Cm
   For the light down at the end.

When everyone is screamin'
   for a handout from you friend,
I doubt they'll have the time to hear
   the pearls that you extend.
You lay it on real heavy
   with the logic you employ
You're laying up your treasure
   where the moth and rust destroy.

You are gonna find no pleasure
   in the things you now enjoy.
You will starve in your abundance
   and you paid for every toy.

When the ones you thought were friendly
   turn upon you and attack,
Will you have another cheek
   or will you have to hit them back?

They will pilfer from your garden
   to make up for what they lack.
When you're hungry in a mansion
   they'll be sated in a shack.

Mindful Webworks | Short and Tall Tales | Harder Times Again, page 2
You won't find a place to hide,
   'cause you've been hidden all along.
You won't find a secret strength.
   You have no muscle to be strong.

What you never thought you'd do
   because you knew it would be wrong
You will peddle on the streets
   and you will sell it for a song.

And depending on the hope or hopelessness of the moment...

I am headin' for the country
   where I hope to make a stand.
I am gonna dig the dirt
   and get to know a piece of land.

When my friends all come together
   we will be a country band.
When the hardest times are over
   maybe then we'll understand.