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* wandered off for a minute to refresh drink & kiss wife *

Miley: So what's set you off on this troubled state?

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Subjects: problem solving

Hey, howdy, AOP. Hope you're doing well.

It's lately and I'm tiredish, but lots on my mind. Too late to participate, really. Need to sleep and wake up fresh.

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Subjects: aloha, problem solving
Mindful Webworkshop Episode #9
The Art of

Four new recordings of original songs, of lost love, hard times, faith, insecurity, and spiritual regeneration. Plus a touch of humor.

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L, Elle - God bless you with a refreshing break from the work and the stress, both. If what you're suffering comes from good work, at least you know it comes from good work.

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Subjects: faith, problem solving

Bigby's, there's a flaw in that thar formulation.

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Subjects: problem solving

First world problems. : EC

Out of Touch with the Real World problems.

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Subjects: problem solving
tree face
Best of Spirits

In order to imagine an alternative to your perception, you must admit to the possibility of perceptual confusion.

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Best of Spirits

Problems are sometimes simple. More often problems are compound and complex, and complicated.

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Subjects: problem solving, perception, awareness
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Short & Tall Tales

Harder times come and go. Or are harder times always ahead?

Verse added on 1997 Mar 17
Subjects: problem solving, difficulties, struggle
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