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Mindful Webworkshop Episode #9
The Art of

Four new recordings of original songs, of lost love, hard times, faith, insecurity, and spiritual regeneration. Plus a touch of humor.

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VIA: I am not aware of any individual who is truly educated on the Christian scriptures who believes that the God of Christianity and Allah are the same entity.

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liberals think they can improve on His work.
The above quote from the Coulter column explains exactly why Hollywood Biblical epics suck.
Posted by: WalrusRex

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God bless me, my #375, autoincorrect made Diety into Dirty because it did not know Deity, but I have enlightened this POS iClone.

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The Human (5)

Humans perceive, conceive, envision, and wonder.

Cartoon added on 2013 Mar 10
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“either Jesus is actually the Son of God as he claimed, or he was a madman. There is really no other sensical explanation.”

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Not to get all theology nazi on your curmudgeonliness, but just in case nobody else mentioned it already, Deity knowledge of Crankshaft's innermost cesspools probably ought not be "omnipotence" but

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grinning demon

How do you explain what's happening?

Text added on 1999 Mar 19
Subjects: Urantia, Deity, devil, good, evil
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Best of Spirits

Some theories of How It All Began are material, some mystical, and some begin with Love.

Verse added on 1997 Mar 17
Subjects: Genesis 1, origins, Creation, Deity
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