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Webworkshop #2
The Art of

A second attempt to record some live music-like stuff. Now it's actually a series. Five selected songs.

Video added on 2016 Aug 19
Subjects: wonder, faith, marijuana, belief, agondonter, risk, humor
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I always wonder, when Vic says he has x pages of links.Is that, if printed out? And, how many links in a page, average? what size font are we talking?

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Subjects: AoSHQ, dog, wonder

"Al Gore, the P.T. Barnum of environmentalism." —Mr. Wizard

I have 'way too much respect for Mr Barnum to let this go by.

Barnum had something real to give people.

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Subjects: Al Gore, circus, PT Barnum, wonder

If I left a comment would it be all right?

If I write a comment then it would be left?

This is what haunts me in the new year.

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Subjects: New Year 2014, wonder
The Human (5)

Humans perceive, conceive, envision, and wonder.

Cartoon added on 2013 Mar 10
Subjects: humans, divinity, Deity, wonder

Approach me with awe and wonder, mortals, for I am your future!

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Subjects: economy, wonder
Wonders Woman and Stevie
Best of Spirits

Wondering about the sense of wonder

Verse, Audio, MIDI added on 1997 Jan 21
Subjects: Spirit, faith, wonder
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