Jehovah Vs Allah in the Sky

VIA: I am not aware of any individual who is truly educated on the Christian scriptures who believes that the God of Christianity and Allah are the same entity.

Presume you're not speaking literally about separate entities, but FTR, here's something I've said before. For a Sunday morning.

There are some of primitive beliefs which may think of there being separate deities, Jehovah vs Allah in the sky. Like a Jack Kirby comic with Zeus & clan over here on Olympus-heaven and Odin & associates over there in Asgard-heaven. For the monotheist, there is just God, one and only. Beyond that, there's what we believe about God's nature and character, which is where theological divergence happens.

But, yeah, not much any similarity I've found between cutthroat king "Allah" and the Judeo-Christian Father, past that monotheistic fundamental!

That said... Last time I said this was in relation to when the Palis shot a bunch of rockets toward Israel, only to see them blown out to sea. They exclaimed, the Israeli's God appeared to be mightier. If they want to believe in Dueling Deities, and come to that conclusion, that's fine with me.

Yay! Sun's up. Another bright beautiful sunshiney Oklahoma day in store.