The War was over as soon as it had Begun

I started out with some short, simple cartoonish lyrics.

I had tunes in mind to go with the lyrics.

So I picked up instruments and learned to write crude musical notation, which didn't really convey the tunes.

So I started playing and recording the songs, so my intended tunes could be heard.

I started out as a lyricist, became a composer, then a performer, all the while still mainly thinking of myself as a cartoonish lyricist.

Over decades, some songs held up better than others. Lyrics about which I was so serious came to seem to me overly serious, subtle turns of phrase became what did I mean by thats.

Some tired old songs, I do my best to be serious and give them a good performance.

Other songs, I just can't bring myself to sing them.

This is one of those. It was intended as a kind of post-nuclear war lament and encouragement to rebuild. I was probably trying to do something like Jefferson Airplane's "Wooden Ships."

Crosby & Nash with Grace Slick - Wooden Ships

I may publish the lyrics, some day, at least to show how the chord notations are supposed to be paced, but for now, I'm just posting this page as a place-holder for the song.

Performed, instrumental, in Mindful Webworkshop #12, 2016 Oct 28.