Mindful Webworkshop Episode #12 - Party Time

Four music pieces, plus motion comic. It's a party!

Newly-recorded: three songs, one instrumental,
plus a cartoon, and black & orange Hallowe'en cats

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Start time
Song title (linked to lyrics)
Origin date

Witnessing /
Tune to Marijuana

Head Shop Songs
pre-1976 / Summer 1974

from the musical
The Mad Wizard

Short & Tall tales1970s

The Beast with Four Heads
Motion-ized comic
originally published as
Daily Doodles,
1997 Oct 19-26
Short & Tall Tales

The War Begins
a/k/a Pleas
Short & Tall Tales
1973 Jun 16

Can't Dance
(Electric Display)
Love's Lost and Found

The Beast with Four Heads

"Where Am I?"
from the musical
The Mad Wizard

Audio sources, gratefuly acknowledged:

Fire, Frogs, and Forest ambiance

Mouse squeaking sfx
All Sounds, YouTube

Snake hiss
Jojikiba, YouTube

Possum Noise
Scott Magee, YouTube

Pet Opossum Complaining
Kenneth Jones DVM, YouTube

Rat stuck in glue trap and squealing
15digitusername, YouTube

Sights and sounds highlight fair carnival experience
The Record (Stockton, CA), YouTube

Circus Theme music
Kristopher Lambert, YouTube

Betty Boop
"Halloween Party"

Fleisher Studios 1933

Old Wizard Bong
1972 Earthworks TM

Recorded 2016 Oct 24-25
at us75.com/, Bartlesville
"Beast" illustrated & motion-ized, &
all lyrics & tunes written, performed, &
© by Mindful Webworker

Support & inspiration: M.J. Clark II

"Raspberry": Majic Clark

Yes, it really was raspberry leaf.