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Modular Robotized Everything

Modular Robotized Everything
Hoping the inevitable changes are for the better.

Gyro Gearloose (Disney)

Image Sources

Prefab Construction with Robot Crane:
PreFab Construction
Sustainable building for the future
NOTE! The link from the SharkRide article to
"Jacque Fresco’s future construction concepts"
gave me warnings from both my virusware and browser.

Sliding Hub:
Modular housing concept boasts 64 possible combinations


Weehouse (I didn't call it that!):
Prefab: Sustainable and Stylish. Seriously.

Stylish… so they say.

Clustered Modules:
"Parasitic Guerrilla Architecture Hijacks the Arche de la Défense"
Um… not responsible for sites on which images appeared.

Modules on Piers:
Private Island Living
Versa Dome Modular Housing

Flying Robot Construction:
NPR/Robert Krulwich on Science
Flying Robots Build A Tower Near Paris

"…Flying robotic construction clouds…"

Connector Kinetic roBot:

The Rise of Techno-Gods:
The Merging of Transhumanism and Spirituality
[Or The Alternate Raiders News Network's Title:
"How To Continue Attacking Tom Horn
At Every Transhumanist Conference In The World
In Hopes Conservatives Will Never Awaken
To The Posthuman Nightmare He Warns Of"]
(I have no idea what this is about)

Tank-Tread Robot Train:
New Scientist
Search and rescue robots team up for tricky tasks

Soft Robot bubbles
Soft Self-Reconfigurable Robots in Air

Rover Moving Box:
Cooperative Reconfigurable Swarm System (CooRSS) Project

Anticipatory Robot:
Cornell develops beer-pouring robot
that anticipates people's actions

Roboscooper roams rooms, picks stuff up

Robot Chair:

Top 10 Household Robots You Should Buy

Steampunkish Robot:
CookieEater2009 at
Household Robot Mark 1

Kitty on a Roomba:
reino Rajala on YouTube
The marvelous madcap Gyro Gearloose belongs to Disney.