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Motive Power

Motive Power
What pushes and pulls the stuff we want to move.

Image Sources

1977 Ford Pinto:

Hogwarts Express:
Daily Mail
Harry Potter's Hogwarts Express
to go on display at
York's National Railway Museum

Roller coaster going up:
Energy Transfer in a Roller Coaster

Roller coaster in the clouds:
Star, Simplified
…a boomer muses about life, change, joys, sorrows
and freedom from the prison of corporate life

Roller coaster going down:
Krista's Photoblog
Because a documented life is way more fun
The Scorpion Roller Coaster

Seaside ruined roller coaster:

Semi with three trailers:
The Trucking Attorneys
Triple Trailers in Nevada, Triple the Risk?

Hamster Generator:
Dreams from Walnut Dust
Jeremy Varner blog
Dangers of the Digital Age

Found (but not used) in route:

Roller Coaster Painters (YouTube)
Mickey Donald & Goofy cartoon

by disneyisawesome1901

Roller Coaster Chess (Know Your Meme)
People going live with an XKCD idea

Teaching the teacher:
a roller coaster ride, reprised

Pic of Buddhists enjoying a roller coaster

Crazy Things People Do
With Roller Coasters (SomethinOdd blog)

The Automobilist Abroad
by Milburg Francisco Mansfield,
Illustrated by Blanche McManus

The control of a restive horse, a cranky boat,
or even a trolley-car on rails
is difficult enough for the inexperienced,
and there are many who would quail
before making the attempt;
but to the novice
in charge of an automobile,
some serious damage
is likely enough to occur
within an incredibly short space of time,
particularly if he does not
take into account
the tremendous force and power
which he controls
merely by the moving of a tiny lever,
or by the depressing of a pedal.

Any one interested in automobiles
should know something of
the literature of the subject,
which, during the last decade,
has already become formidable.

In English
the literature of the automobile
begins with Mr. Worby Beaumont's
Cantor Lectures (1895),
and the pamphlet by Mr. R. Jenkins on
"Power Locomotion on the Highways,"
published in 1896.