Invulnerable - Inspirations and Sources

Kudos and credits

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Dedicated to my mother Margaret
because she wouldn't expect it


Inspirations and sources
Justin Monjo for the crackers
Rupert Sheldrake for morphowhatever
Jerry Seinfeld. Larry David, et al., for nothing
Mr. Miller for the early encouragement
JMS for 'if you want to write, write'
Mark Evanier, just because
The Urantia Book for the glimpse of the neighbors
Gene Roddenberry for taking civilization into outer space
Jack 'King' Kirby for more inspiration than can be said
and, of course,
Look! Up in the Sky

Fonts abused in Part 1, chapters 1 & 2, illustrated
General dialogue: Shark Got Your Hand by Aryel Filipe
Andy Walsh narration: Gosmick Sans by GemFonts
Dr Tom Baker narration: News Gothic
Comic Strip, Paisley ICG 01, Matisse ITC, Chorea Display SSK

And not inspiration:
When I first read the plot of
M. Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable at iMDB,
I had that writer's nightmare: folks will think that's where I got my idea.
Never seen his. But I know mine will make a cooler movie.
Also, maybe cooler than...
Invulnerable (2005) 24 min - Short
Invulnerable (2009) Unverwundbar (original title) Short
Invulnerable on YouTube
(haven't watched but the 1st 10sec of this;
some guy weeping on a bridge with bad piano plunking.)
Invulnerable Tabletop Super Hero Roleplaying Game — not sure what this is.
An early working title for this was Invulnerable Man. DC superhero of that name.
All Invulnerable Men are Superman.
Use 'Invulnerable' in a sentence