The Original Community of World Peace Website

For those of us who want to reconnect with one another


After the original Community broke up, we couldn't get back together as we had been. Most of us went our separate ways. With this webpage, we hope to have a place for those of us who want to reconnect with one another. Here are portions of some of the emails we've already received:

I found that after Paul's disappearance, much to my surprise, I became less interested in science and psychiatry and more intrigued by theology... faith. I went through a lot of different phases, much like some patients I had treated, trying to figure out the universe and God. I have ended up in Oklahoma City, of all places, where I have made friends with a group of devout believers, devoted to service. I'm working at a mental health clinic, helping people face their fears. Sometimes I feel like I'm in that same dream-like state I was in during our months with Paul, wondering about my own sanity. But I'm happy. If I can't be sane, at least I can be happy. Stay safe!
 — "Dr. Tom" (Dr. Thomas Baker)

Hello to all my old friends. I can't type so my sister is helping me write and send this on her email account. I live in New York with my sister now. She quit her job with the college and we have started a small restaurant together. We have so much fun, I feel like a teenager. As some of you know, after Paul saved me, I got in touch with my sister and she came to see me in Chicago before Paul ascended, so she got the Gift too. When we're not working, which we do most of the time, but when we're not, we're out on the streets telling people they're safe. So people still think I'm crazy ha ha ha! While the magic is over, the message still has appeal. It's different now, but we still believe we're safe, even in a better way than we were back then. If you're in New York, drop by the Russian Roundtable. Say Paul's name and I'll buy your lunch.
 — "Crazy Amy" (Lucy Arutunoff)

Hi. I trust that everyone is safe. ;) I'm still here in Chicago. My vision has become so bad, I finally am almost blind. It's okay. I still see you all in my heart. Nowadays, I help teach the newly vision-impaired how to get around safely. Old-timers will remember our jolly friend Kevin the Cop. He wrote me last month that he's over in the Middle East now, somewhere. I think he thinks he's going to bring peace there all by himself. He just might! Now and then, I used to get a postcard from Andy, but it's been a while. He's still searching. Everybody join me in praying for success in Andy's search. He's not the only one looking, of course, but nobody is more devoted. The last time I heard from him, he wrote, "It took me a while, but I've come to believe Chelsea's stories, I really have. He's out there, somewhere. I know it. I feel it. If it takes me the rest of my life, I will never gave up looking for Paul."
 — "Blind Ben, the old cheater" (Ben Franklin Johnson)

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