Everyone Knows It's Romney

Who's gonna be the GOP loser?

"Herman Cain trails only Chris Christie as the top choice among Republican primary voters in the race for the 2012 Presidential nomination. Mitt Romney ranks fourth, but voters see him as the most likely nominee by a wide margin over the rest of a 13-person field. " —Zogby Poll[*]

Herman Cain trails only Chris Christie, but voters see Romney as the most likely nominee?? What does that say about Republicans!

Who's gonna top the GOP ticket?
Who's gonna be the next John McCain?
Who's gonna be the GOP loser?
Everyone says it's Romney.

Who's gonna be the one to go under?
Who's gonna blow this critical chance?
Who's gonna give Obama a free ride?
Everyone says it's Romney.

And RomneyCare never worked
And Romney's a pack of lies
And Romney's the nominee
Who will not fly
Who will not win
(Who will not fly)
Who will not win

[Repeat ad nauseum]

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