Oh, well, guess it's Romney

At least he's not (as much of) a Marxist!

Another sticky election season starts to smother us!
Here are elegantly simple and fatalistically resigned bumper stickers
for the choice of the lesser of two weevils, 2012.
(Click on any bumper sticker to purchase via CafePress)

Oh, well, guess it's ROMNEY 2012

ROMNEY 2012 The Mormon, not the moron!

Anyone but Obama! Even ROMNEY 2012

America's Last Hope ROMNEY 2012 (We are so screwed!)

ROMNEY 2012 His Wife's a Lady

ROMNEY 2012 He's not that bad

ROMNEY 2012 A conservative 2016

ROMNEY 2012 Not a Marxist

ROMNEY 2012 Not a Communist

ROMNEY 2012 Never ate dog

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