Heap o' Links Easter Sun Apr 4, 2021

Links, videos, and the Resurrection

PUBLISHED BELATEDLY. For reasons, this is being composed on April 5, catching up and closing tabs. As of Apr 4, one of my main resources, Ace of Spades, is down, and likely will be for a day or two more. Meanwhile, links to Ace♠ will not be working.

h/t numerous sources
Pastor Runs Police Out Of His Church The Day Before Easter
TheDC Shorts, YouTube, Apr 4, 2021 (3:05)

h/t Lizzy on A♠
c/o Ezra Levant @ezralevant, Twitter
c/o Rebel News
Fined for feeding the homeless
Rebel News, YouTube, Apr 18, 2020 (9:13)