Is It Pronounced "Heb"?

Para el presidente de la Unión de America del Norte

Jeb! (More Hispanic than Cruz declaresGeraldo) has released his exciting new logo for the 2016 election.

Here's Jeb's Tweet of the new logo.

And here's the Mexican version. (Trigger warning: stereotypical cultural appropriation!)

Jeb 2016 Ole!
A big hat-tip to the Moron horde at Ace of Spades, whose ideas I merely implemented.

These two Moronettes, specifically.

DangerGirl: He should have put a jaunty Sombrero on the J of Jeb!

Lady in Black: I'm surprised Jeb's ultra-boring logo didn't add one of those hispanic upside down exclamation points right before the J.

"Hillary!" vs "Jeb!" the battle of the exclamation points.

Dianny does a delighful bunch of Jeb! variations at Patriot Retort.