Joe Malarkey 2020 Bus

Horsefeathers and Balderdash

Joe Biden Pure Malarkey Bus
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Bonus pic - Joe Bitin'
Biden 2020
Comment I left at Dianny's Patriot Retort:
mindful webworker
December 3, 2019 at 10:12 am Permalink

I swear to you, Dianny, I didn’t steal your idea when I p’shop tagged Joe’s bus. (Link in my name.) Mine was published first. At least, before I saw this post. Just a case of great minds (and mine, too) thinking alike on a pretty obvious idea. You said ‘All.’ I said ‘Pure.’

On the small line on the bottom of the bus, you said “rides,” I said “starts.” Again, think-alike, not swiping. Out of professional (well, sorta) curiosity, I have to ask: I tediously modified existing letters to spell out “starts.” Did you just type new text?

BUT! I also didn’t think I’d read your article before I sub-headed my page “Horsefeathers and Balderdash.” I had seen a long list of “malarkey” synonyms, and as a kinda country person, horsefeathers jumped out at me. “Balderdash” came to mind as preferable to “bull$#!+.” Then after I post my page, I come back and see your (previous) article had used those two words in that order. So, maybe I had read yesterday’s article and subconsciously plundered it, but I didn’t think so. No malarkey!