Oh where oh where was the President born?

Been watching the birth-certificate mystery ripple out since it was just a rock first tossed in the pond, and it's always been a hoot and a half. It just won't go away!

Toddler ObamaBeen watching the birth-certificate mystery ripple out since it was just a rock first tossed in the pond, and it's always been a hoot and a half. Now, Mainsteam Medea and the Supremes and the Enigma in Chief hisself have all alluded tuit! It just won't go away!

So this morning, saw the link on Drudge[*] that the Supreme Court was going to have a conference on an Obama qualification suit. Yes, those silly birthers (racist you know), the fringe cult with a wacky conspiracy theory with no legs, at tSCotUS. I thought, Farah, he of WND, the dog who wouldn't let go of this bone,[*] must be doing pirouettes; I should check WND. Clicked the Drudge link first and, Ha ha! It's to a WND article![*] That's why they call it a web.

My non-lawyerly reading of the WND article extracts these nuggets: In January, "the court denied, without comment, a request for a hearing on the arguments." Motion was submitted that Sotomayor and Kagan recuse. Court acknowledged the motion, let it slip to a "request," and failed to respond. A request for rehearing was made, claiming "the situation appeared to be violating the rules" of the court. WND calls it "stunning" that the court said, ok, 'nother "conference." This case, as the WND article says, is "one of the longest-running among those challenging Obama's eligibility." So: just one more paper-shuffle legal kerfluffle in this little mostly-ignored sideshow? At the Supreme level?

Insignificant. Oh, but, before I ran into all that, I had read this exchange:[*]

Washington Insider: There is something bigger than that out there though. Something directly involving the White House that is being protected. I am not certain of what, but have suspicions. It’s got people spooked because they have shut up about it. Very little information getting out, which in this business, means it’s something very serious.

Follow Up: Birther related?

Insider: No comment.

Heh. Fact or fabrication, gotta love that Insider.

In the unprecedented situation of a President being declared unqualified halfway through his term, we have no guidelines for what our attitude should be toward his appointments and actions. Many presume these can be voided, and certainly there would be challenges! However, I don't imagine his personal disqualification would necessarily void all the acts of his admininistration.

There's the mess (like, if Biden's not disqualified by association, if not conspiracy, then Pres-default Biden gets to pick two new SCotUS judges? Oh, look! Here's two recently-disqualified SCotUS judges who've already got the robes!)

And it's potentially a Constitutional crisis level situation -- something we really cannot afford right now on any level -- when you try to decide whether or not you can roll back everything just like that.

Also keeping in mind that in America, the 1/3 leftist fundamentalists and the 1/3 muddled-of-the-roaders are not going to appreciate what's going on, will more-or-less believe Obama was qualified (no matter the law or that rag the Constitution, we voted for him!) and removing him for such a trivial matter as his being unqualified by birth (which, let's face it, compared to his other lack of qualifications is pretty insignificant -- if he were doing a really great job, would we really care?) that it's a coup. Doonesbury will never let us forget it. (Does that still run?) Whew. Sorry.

There is no birth certificate that will be found. There is not a way they can fake one up. Ergo, he ought rightly to be disqualified if the Supremes take it on. So, they probably won't. But that's just my armchair-noodling opinions.

Kudos to the HillBuzz[*] for digging into this, too.