Reading Drudge Report as a story

Reading Drudge Report as a story, rather than as separate headlines.

D...10:22am Saturday July 2 2011

Kaddaffy's secret weapon: Presidential Seals
U.S. STILL BOMBING LIBYA. Presidential seal blows off limo in Philly; French Woman Dies of E. Coli. Qaddafi threatens attacks in Europe. Geithner may want to go; Will Obama let him?

United States News: Domino effect knocks down several states sequentially.
FEDS STRIKE DOWN STATE'S BAN ON RACE CONSIDERATION IN COLLEGE ADMISSIONS. SoCal Looks to Secede from California. Minnesota Government Shuts Down. UN asks Texas to commute Mexican's death sentence. Washington state closes tourism office. Florida state workers get pink slips, more cuts ahead.

When, Oh! When will this cascade of disastrophe abate!