Scary Halloween Masks 2013 (Women's)

Accessorize with bad outfits and shrill snarls.

Scare your friends! Scare yourself!

1. Click on the images to see large display.
2. Print on 110# card stock.
3. Unjam heavy card stock from printer repeatedly.
4. Go purchase a better printer at Wal-Mart.
5. Print faces, cut off heads, punch out eyes. Theirs. Not yours.
6. Figure out some way to tie mask to face, usually involving tangling rubber bands in hair.
7. Settle on super-glue to paste to forehead, chin, and cheeks.
NB: Management is not responsible for results of these instructions.

Ever-popular, perpetually-horrifying
"San Fran Nan"

Frighteningly lying liar
"Lois Lerner"

Smug and silent; a little too silent....

Defiant, vague, cutting like a chainsaw
"Testifyin' Hillary"

Terrifying threat heading right for you!
"Campaignin' Hillary"