Ted Cruz Announces for Presidency 2016

The race is on, and Ted is in the lead.

Cruz, West, Bring It! 2016

I don't really have anything original to add to this conversation. I just wanted an excuse to run the picture above. [Source: Texas Tea Party Patriots]

Video and Transcript of Cruz's Announcement Speech c/o Dianny, Patriot Retort.

Now That Ted Cruz has Declared His Candidacy- You Ever Seen the Guy's Resume? (It's impressive.)
—Reaganite Republican

The Date Ted Cruz Announced His Presidential Campaign Is Significant And Here's Why
by Miss CJ, Chicks on the Right

Liberty University Crowd Goes Wild as Ted Cruz Says: Imagine A President Who Stands with Israel
Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit [Videos]

Nice Cruz poster by Big Fur Hat over at I Own the World Report

DrewM is a downer at Ace of Spades; but there's always the comments: "But let's be honest, the odds of him winning the nomination are pretty low and he'd probably be a disaster in the general (though not much worse than Jeb will be)."

Barack Obama AND Ted Cruz are natural-born citizens
chrissythehyphenated on PoliNation
"…Their mothers were American citizens; their fathers (of record*) were foreigners.…"