VP Showdown 2012

What I saw going on between the candidates

Ol' Joe's mood was swinging like crazy during the debate.

One moment he would flame like a fire-breathing dragon,
Dragon Joe

then he'd turn around with that creepy-uncle smile.
Creepy Smile Joe

He exhibited his rare (thankfully!) sense of appropriateness,
Joke-Telling Joe

and indulged as always in magical thinking.
Magical Thinking

But in the end, bluster was deflected by Reason.
Bluster deflected by Reason

More Radically Inclined Vice-Presidential perception:
Animals debate — In the jungle, there's pretenders and there's winners.

Tip o' the Mindful topper to the Bluebird of Bitterness for linking this from Bob's great page collecting VP Debate graphics & video. Dead link 2018-Oct-30.

This pic sums up the debate, by Amy @CAAmyO Dead link 2018-Oct-30.
Same photo, with musical caption at Anna's Clue Tank
• During my research, I found a Biden-Ryan photo remix from August, by Big Fur Hat, at I Own the World. Check it out. Dead link 2018-Oct-30