Blog Heap o'Transport Links 16 April 2009

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Blog-Heap links regarding transportation and related infrastructure,
also energy, because it takes energy to transport,
and virtuality, because telepresence saves on transpresence.

Digital Future is Now

OLED Screens, Blu-ray Players and Brain Control Thu 2009 Apr 16, 5:20pm

A couple of the coolest gadgets from this year's CES, Sony's OLED-based Walkman and Samsung's slim Blu-ray Disk player, are now on their way with availability from April.

Sony Japan Releases Full NW-X1050/NW-X1060 Details Thu 2009 Apr 16, 5:19pm

Sony Japan has finally acknowledged the existence of the X-Series Walkman by noting that Japanese consumers will be able to purchase a NW-X1050 (16gb; 40,000y) or a NW-X1060 (32gb; 50,000y) on April 25th. The Japanese Touchscreen Walkman will have the ability to receive broadcast TV signals.

Retromodo: Wireless Portable Music Player? Welcome to Sony, Circa 1988 - Sony walkman wireless Thu 2009 Apr 16, 5:19pm

The dominant media player of the '00s (the iPod) still hasn't integrated with wireless headphones. Maybe it should take a quick lesson from the dominant media player of the '80s: the Walkman.

Sony's OLED Walkman with web browser gets ready to hit the streets in Japan Thu 2009 Apr 16, 5:17pm

The 3-inch OLED touchscreen has 240 x 432 resolution. The Walkmans will have an audio player, One-Seg TV tuner, and FM tuner for basic use, but the fun really starts when you use the built-in Wi-Fi web browser, including a YouTube interface. The players support MP3 and AAC files, so your unprotected iTunes library might have a new home.


The final frontier: Solar power from space Thu 2009 Apr 16, 5:21pm

SunPacific Gas & Electric ... said that it will seek approval from regulators to purchase 200 megawatts worth of solar energy delivered from stealth space solar power company Solaren over 15 years

Solar power captured in space, beamed to Earth Thu 2009 Apr 16, 5:21pm

SunSatellite solar cells would capture the sun's rays 24 hours a day, without fear of cloudy mornings or dark nights. The orbiters then convert this solar power to radio-frequencies that transmit to ground stations in Fresno County, Calif. Once received, the radio energy would change into electricity and flow into the grid. [WHAT could go WRONG?]