Blog Heap o'Transport Links 14 June 2009

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Blog-Heap links regarding transportation and related infrastructure,
also energy, because it takes energy to transport,
and virtuality, because telepresence saves on transpresence.

Transport Tragedy

Crash jet 'split in two at high altitude' Sun 2009 Jun 14, 8:38pm

PlaneTHE Air France jet that crashed into the Atlantic with 228 people on board broke apart before it hit the water, throwing out some passengers at high altitude, investigators believe.... Their conclusion is based on the discovery of two trails of bodies more than 50 miles apart, suggesting that the Airbus split in two after going out of control in bad weather...

Ghost Bike Honors Fallen Cyclists Sun 2009 Jun 14, 12:35am

It's called a ghost bike. It is a somber reminder on the side of the road, an informal memorial marking the scene of a crash where two bicyclists were killed. ...painted all white.