Blog Heap o'Transport Links 22 June 2009

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Blog-Heap links regarding transportation and related infrastructure,
also energy, because it takes energy to transport,
and virtuality, because telepresence saves on transpresence.

Digital Future is Now

Human Eye Inspires Advance In Computer Vision Mon 2009 Jun 22, 10:45pm

"When the human eye searches for an object it looks globally for the rough location, size and orientation of the object. Then it zeros in on the details," said Jiang, an assistant professor of computer science. "Our method behaves in a similar fashion, using a linear approximation to explore the search space globally and quickly; then it works to identify the moving object by frequently updating trust search regions."

Transport Tragedy

Four Dead In DC Metro Train Collision Mon 2009 Jun 22, 7:12pm

four dead from the collision, and officials say there are 67 people injured... may be as many as three more dead in the part of the train that was the most severely damaged.... trains were traveling in the same direction when one rear ended the other when one train stopped and the other did not