Blog Heap o'Transport Links 27 June 2012

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Blog-Heap links regarding transportation and related infrastructure,
also energy, because it takes energy to transport,
and virtuality, because telepresence saves on transpresence.

Transport Future

“Ghost” Ship Emerges from Stealth Startup, Gears Up for War
Gregory T. Huang, Xconomy Wed 2012 Jun 27, 5:41pm
Imagine a boat that moves through the water differently from any other boat in existence. It uses “supercavitation”—the creation of a gaseous bubble layer around the hull to reduce friction underwater—to reach very high speeds at relatively low fuel cost. Its speed and shape means it can evade detection by sonar or ship radar. It can outrun torpedoes. Its fuel efficiency means it has greater range and can run longer missions than conventional boats and helicopters.

Digital Future is Now

New gigapixel camera may revolutionize photography, surveillance
Jon Bardin, Los Angeles Times Wed 2012 Jun 27, 5:32pm
Engineers have created a new camera with the capability of capturing over a gigapixel of data, a resolution that is significantly better than normal human vision.