We Meet

A revealing first contact.

We Meet

Whtd they say?

Info traded

Planet Nabor

Rocket to Nabor

Swords into plowshares


Another little bunny-eared "Naborian" type appears in cameo in
Mysteries of Sevens

Other "alien encounters" occur in
Last Call
Mysterious Crop Circles (sort of)
Life (& Light) on Neighboring Planets

Lo-res version of this page
I Don't Get It — in case you don't.

Urantia Paper 72 — Government on a Neighboring Planet
The Vern Grimsley Affair Unfortunately, Urantiagate.com seems to be gone.
Fortunately, Machiventa.com appears to have the same file.
First contact (anthropology)
Star Trek: First Contact (1996)
Contact (1997)