The Eternal Dialogue

Hearing is not always listening.

O, Lord, what would you have me do?
O, Man, what would you LIKE to do?
Well, Lord, I'd like to do your will!
Well, Man, what do you think my will IS?
To live a life of loving service! ... um hm.
And what kind of life would that be?
I've read that your will can be done in any job...
Sure! So what's your question?
O, Lord, what would you have me do? ... (Oy!)

I Don't Get It — in case you don't

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at - Hi!
"Weitere Cartoonseite zum Urantia-Buch... Eine fette Weide für alle Humor-Fans..."
Google translates as
"More cartoon page to Urantia Book... A fat pasture for all humor fans ..."
Fat pastures. Heh. That's nice.