Special Delivery

UB Comix Christmas Card 1987, Special Delivery by ol' Kris Kringle.

by ol' Kris Kringle

1987 & BEYOND

Have safe and happy holidays, whatever you celebrate,
and may the next year be valuable for you and your families.
Love one another as God loves us.
And may the old elf leave you something better
than coal in your stockings. -Don

This cartoon was originally intended as the wrap-around cover of what was to be UB Comix December, 1987. (As I recall, that was a time when some folks were finding it difficult to obtain copies of the revelation, hence the urgency of Kris Kringle's task here.) However, that Dec 1987 UB Comix issue ended up being delayed until April of 1992, and Special Delivery ended up in the "someday" drawer for a decade. I've taken it out, dusted it off, and juiced it up with 256 colors, a gift to UB Comix fans on the Urantia wide web.

Astronomers will note that the cosmology is somewhat skewed. That side of the moon should be facing earth. Give me a break. It's just a 'toon.