How Does Revelation Succeed?

Workbook for the revelation?

Harold Sherman,
"psychic researcher"
and pop writer,
persona non grata
Punted out
of the original UB study forum,
in one of his books,
How to Know What to Believe
describes his study of
the then-unfinished Urantia revelations,
and he rejects them.
One thumb down
Is it because of something they said?

No, it's because they
lack instructions
for psychic achievement!
Instruction list

Reminds me of how
movie critic Gene Siskel criticizes films
Siskel's thumb down
for what he thinks
they should have done instead.

Sherman griped that the new revelation
"presented no program
for individual spiritual development."
Boot camp

True in a way,
but don't we have
a wealth of such how-to books
cramming the shelves!

But note that key word…
I N D I V I D U A L !

If we were all alike,
one magic formula
might be enough!

Success for each soul
means something unique!

The "program" you need
is held by your spirit within!
Spirit at hand
that's how I read the UB!

It's okay by me!

^According to the Urantia Papers
Thought adjusters arrive with
a definite and predetermined plan —UP110 §2 ¶1
which was worked out using a
Divinington virtual model of their subjects —UP108 §1 ¶8