Sarah Palin "Riflestock"

Started out as a take-off on the Woodstock poster.

poster thumbOn HillBuzz, Kevin DuJan asked, "How can we create a 'Sarahstock' logo that captures the spirit of the Woodstock logo, but replaces the dove and guitar with positive, Alaskan-inspired items that will commemorate Sarah Palin’s presidential announcement?"

Here's my slapdash effort on a hot August afternoon. My original idea was simply to replace the guitar with a rifle barrel, and that led to the following attempts. This poster doesn't really fill the requirements. It doesn't really capture the spirit of the Woodstock logo, and in fact if you didn't know it was supposed to be a take-off on Woodstock, I expect you might not get it at all. It's not particularly Alaskan-inspired. The armaments are not all that relevant to her Presidential announcement. At best, this is a direct in-your-face to the blood libelous folks.

Two versions, sized the same as the Woodstock poster graphic on HillBuzz:

Version 1 here is not even a very flattering picture of Gov. Palin, as the rifle hides her face, is military rather than hunter, and she looks cross-eyed.


Version 2 is a better picture, but I had to blow it up 225% from the original to make it fit the poster.