The 10th Anniversary Passes With a Whisper

The Good News: Nothing Much Happened. Again. The Bad News: It happened.

This is a day to honor the 2,977 innocent men, women, and children slaughtered by evil Islamic jihadists — and to vow that “Never again” remains America’s operational stance, not an empty slogan.

Let nothing overshadow their memories today.

Falling Man

His identity has not been confirmed, though many have speculated over the last 4 1/2 years. Tom Junod wrote an extraordinary piece for Eqsuire in September 2003 on “The Falling Man,” offering several possibilities.

The shock of Sept. 11 has melted, but not the sorrow. It is difficult to look in on my own blissfully sleeping toddler without thinking of the empty cribs and broken hearts of children whose lives were stolen or shattered by evil terrorists. Eight children were murdered on hijacked airliners that crashed on Sept. 11.

Towers burning

One decade after 9/11, an unsettling number of images from Ground Zero and environs remain seared in our collective memory -- unsurprising, perhaps, given the scope and scale of the destruction. ...25 most stirring, visceral photographs from that day….

President Obama, Van Jones, militant leftist Lennox Yearwood, and a coalition of left-wing groups including ACORN, various labor organizations, Color of Change, Apollo Alliance, and Jesse Jackson's RainbowPUSH Coalition plotted to use the memory of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, for their own ideological ends.

Apologetic self-abnegation... is the hallmark of America’s approach today.

Attacked on our own soil and across the globe, we have refused to accept that the cause of the slaughter is the openly stated commitment of clerics, pundits, and political leaders to a barbaric ideology of religious war. Schools in Pakistan train Taliban jihadists who kill Americans while we negotiate with so-called “moderates” among them. University academics scream about American sins, praise bloody tyrannies as “liberation movements,” and call Israel “occupied territory.” Newspaper columns predict the ascendance of political Islam, while the maniacal theocracy of Iran makes the prophecy real. Clerics issue fatwas sanctioning the murder of blasphemous writers and artists. Young people are indoctrinated into jihad as the path to paradise. Killers who enjoy the ambrosia of American life murder American soldiers at American military bases.

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George W. Bush’s Flight 93 Memorial Speech
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