Blog Heap o'Transport Links 18 November 2018

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Blog-Heap links regarding transportation and related infrastructure,
also energy, because it takes energy to transport,
and virtuality, because telepresence saves on transpresence.

Transport Near-Tragedy

Hancock Elevator Goes Free-Fall
Vince Gerasole | CBS Chicago Sun 2018 Nov 18, 7:40am

CHICAGO Hancock Tower …A broken hoist rope caused the express elevator to malfunction… they had careened from the 95th floor down to the 11th floor.… It took nearly three hours to rescue six people… The rescue crew had to hammer out a concrete wall in the garage area of the 11th floor.…

I've been on that elevator, and contemplated this very scenario. Even knowing all the modern safeties, which properly kicked in here, it seems, kinda terrifying. Wheeee! Gulp!