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Transport Near-Tragedy

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Vince Gerasole | CBS Chicago • Sun 2018 Nov 18, 7:40am

CHICAGO Hancock Tower …A broken hoist rope caused the express elevator to malfunction… they had careened from the 95th floor down to the 11th floor.… It took nearly three hours to rescue six people… The rescue crew had to hammer out a concrete wall in the garage area of the 11th floor.…

I've been on that elevator, and contemplated this very scenario. Even knowing all the modern safeties, which properly kicked in here, it seems, kinda terrifying. Wheeee! Gulp!
adimadi1, YouTube • Wed 2016 Apr 13, 12:30pm

f-15 landing safely with one wing!!! only in israel the best pilots in the world.
it hapeened 26 yr ago but only now it can be shown

Video: 6:05
Rachelle Blidner , New York Daily News • Thu 2015 Mar 12, 7:16pm

"A deaf 8-year-old boy went on an overnight joyride through Oklahoma City, driving 20 miles before crashing into a curb on the other side of the city Thursday…"

[He couldn't hear the sirens?] • Thu 2011 Jun 23, 6:54pm

A 7-year-old Michigan boy barefoot and in pajamas drove a car for 20 miles, sometimes hitting speeds of 50 mph, before finally slowing down and stopping with the help of authorities. • Mon 2011 May 9, 1:26pm

PlaneSAN FRANCISCO - Crew members and passengers wrestled a 28-year-old man to the cabin floor after he began pounding on the cockpit as an American Airlines flight approached San Francisco.... yelling unintelligibly... 28-year-old Rageit Almurisi. He carried a Yemen passport, but it wasn't clear if his nationality was also Yemeni... no clear or known ties to terrorism.... A Continental Airlines flight from Houston to Chicago diverted in St. Louis after a 34-year-old man from Illinois tried to open a plane door during the flight... a Delta Air Lines flight from Detroit to San Diego was landed instead in Albuquerque, New Mexico, because of a security scare but authorities found "no suspicious devices" on the plane ... declined to clarify the nature of the "potential security threat" ... • Tue 2011 Apr 12, 1:22pm

A superjumbo jet taxiing out to the runway clipped the tail of another plane at New York City's John F. Kennedy International Airport on Monday night, spinning it like a toy. • Wed 2011 Mar 2, 12:13pm

His wife clung to the minivan's windshield wiper and side mirror as the vehicle accelerated to more than 100 MPH. Carroll allegedly didn't slow down until he reached Pleasanton, more than 40 miles away, according to witness reports to police "There's a purpose that I'm still alive, because it was a miracle," the victim said. The woman was able to roll off the hood safely when Carroll finally pulled over, and due to the 45 degree temperatures and high speeds, she was suffering from hypothermia when emergency crews found her. • Fri 2009 May 29, 8:12pm

A Tulsa driver is lucky to be alive after a pole fell on his car on Highway 75. He says a man hit the light pole with a tractor. • Sat 2009 May 2, 6:15pm

A small plane crashed into a storage yard full of portable potties Friday afternoon near Thun Field just minutes after taking off from the field. Pilot Clifford Howell of Lake Bay told investigators at about 150 feet in the air, his engine quit. He banked and tried to make it back to the runway, but came up short. • Thu 2009 Apr 30, 3:45pm

PlaneAfter a cliffhanger of a plane landing in the Talkeetna Mountains earlier this month, 21-year-old Matthew "Jake" Soplanda of Anchor Point and a skiing buddy managed to climb away from Soplanda's dated, single-engine Taylorcraft as it hung perched over a 1,500-foot drop. • Tue 2009 Feb 17, 10:25pm

You'll be able to charge any new mobile phone from the same universal charger beginning on January 1, 2012. -- Except the iPhone. • Tue 2009 Feb 17, 10:23pm

stopped his car to answer a call of nature - and watched in horror as it slid over a cliff... wife and children... in the passenger seats... all escaped unharmed.