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Fox News by Rshill7 on YouTube • Wed 2015 Feb 25, 8:25pm

Peters: Obama "is the reincarnation of Pontius Pilate washing his hands…"

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit • Wed 2015 Feb 25, 4:11pm

Mark Arabo, national spokesman for “Ending Genocide in Iraq”:

They’re massacring every Christian they see and we face extinction, the oldest Christians in the world. Early today I spoke with White House officials and I told them if they keep not doing anything to protect Christians around the world, they’re sentencing my people to death. And, they’re not acting, so we have to put the pressure on… The American government and the White House are not doing enough… This is a Christian holocaust. …The absence of leadership in the White House is leading to more and more Christians to be persecuted and beheaded. Our churches are being bombed. Nobody’s acting. This is, as we keep saying, a full-blown Christian genocide and Washington isn’t doing anything. This is a Christian holocaust.

[Video, Hannity on Fox, upl by Jim Hoft, YouTube]

The Guardian / AP • Tue 2015 Feb 24, 8:28pm

Paris police say they have spotted at least five drones flying over the French capital overnight, and an investigation is under way into who was flying them and why.

BFM TV reported they were seen flying over the Eiffel tower, the Louvre museum and the US embassy, among other locations. …

Top Right News • Tue 2015 Feb 24, 2:18pm

…neither the DHS, or mainstream media is informing the public of two critical facts.

Firstly, that the Mall of America is located near the largest concentration of Somali “refugees” in the United States, in Minneapolis-St. Paul. And that nearly all the “American” Muslims who have joined ISIS have been Somalis from the Minneapolis metro area.

But second, and far more disturbing, is that 300 terrorists from Al-Shabaab — the group behind this threat – have entered the U.S. over our Southern border and are unaccounted for. …

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit • Sun 2015 Feb 22, 6:18pm

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat subdued a knife-wielding Palestinian Islamist at Jerusalem’s Tzahal Square Sunday [video, pictures]

Jennifer Bjorhus & Paul Walsh, Star Tribune • Sun 2015 Feb 22, 5:57pm

“Be particularly careful” if you intend to visit the Mall of America.

That’s the cautionary message Sunday from Jeh Johnson, the U.S. secretary of Homeland Security, in the wake of Somali terrorist group Al-Shabab releasing a video calling for attacks on Western malls. The video specifically mentioned the megamall in Bloomington.

Mall shoppers, be sure to bring your full battle rattle, just as a precaution.

Allen West • Fri 2015 Feb 20, 9:23pm

If President Obama could hit the “reset button,” I think he’d rewind this week and try to get a mulligan – but then again, I could be totally wrong. If I am completely wrong, then our policy towards degrading, defeating, and destroying ISIS is non-existent.

In simple terms, America, we’re screwed.


Fox News by yazchat, YouTube • Fri 2015 Feb 20, 3:29pm

“If a private in Iraq had revealed this kind of planning inadvertently by leaving a plan in the channel hall of the gym, he might have faced a court-martial, but now it’s now become a matter of policy this administration is going to announce war plans in advance, it only increases risks.” [Video]

BBC • Fri 2015 Feb 20, 2:20pm

Some 20 people, including senior officials, have been killed in an attack on a hotel in the Somali capital, witnesses have told the BBC.

The Central Hotel, often frequented by politicians, was hit by a car bomb and a suicide attack. Gunmen then stormed the hotel mosque and opened fire during Friday prayers.

An MP and Mogadishu’s deputy mayor were among the dead, the government says.

Islamist militant group al-Shabab has said it was behind the attack.

Emphasis added.

Marines shield
TMH, Noisy Room • Thu 2015 Feb 19, 3:46pm

"…Best thing you can do right there is jerk the chains off of those guys [300 Marines] and let them go to work…." [Video]

Israel Flag
Arlene from Israel, Noisy Room • Thu 2015 Feb 19, 3:41pm

"It is just short of two years ago that Adelle Biton, then two years of age, was driving in the Shomron with her mother and two older sisters, when Arabs threw rocks at their car, causing it to spin out of control and collide with an oncoming truck. … She spent a long time in a hospital and then time in a rehab center, before she was brought home, still severely disabled, to continue therapies.

"Adva, her mother, was remarkable for her constant devotion and her optimism.

"Today, Adelle Biton succumbed to pneumonia.…"

Ryan Mauro, Clarion Project • Thu 2015 Feb 19, 3:29pm

"A Clarion Project investigation has discovered a jihadist enclave in Texas where a deadly shooting took place in 2002. Declassified FBI documents… show the U.S. government’s concern about its links to terrorism…. enclave belongs to the network of Muslims of the Americas, a radical group linked to a Pakistani militant group called Jamaat ul-Fuqra. Its members are devoted followers of Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, an extremist cleric in Pakistan….

Brendan Bordelon, Natl Review • Wed 2015 Feb 18, 5:06pm

“The Republican party is making a critical mistake,” he said. “The militancy that will be activated throughout the immigrant community — in terms of voter registration, voter participation, voter anger at the Republican party as a party in the United States — I think you’re going to see it in an unprecedented manner.”

Brendan Bordelon, National Review • Tue 2015 Feb 17, 10:12pm

"With 10,000 American soldiers patrolling the mountains and deserts of Afghanistan, thousands more deployed to Iraq, and U.S. military aircraft conducting daily strikes in both those countries and Syria, Attorney General Eric Holder claimed the nation is 'not in a time of war.'"

Graeme Wood, The Atlantic • Tue 2015 Feb 17, 7:20pm

"The Islamic State, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), follows a distinctive variety of Islam whose beliefs about the path to the Day of Judgment matter to its strategy, and can help the West know its enemy and predict its behavior. Its rise to power is less like the triumph of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (a group whose leaders the Islamic State considers apostates) than like the realization of a dystopian alternate reality in which David Koresh or Jim Jones survived to wield absolute power over not just a few hundred people, but some 8 million."

Abby Ohlheiser, Washington Post • Tue 2015 Feb 17, 7:14pm

"A Detroit man stabbed two people at a suburban bus stop after asking his victims whether or not they were Muslim, according to police. Federal authorities are now looking at the case as a potential hate crime, police said on Tuesday." Check out the crazy-eyes mug shot.

Pam Key, Breitbart • Tue 2015 Feb 17, 4:11pm

Holder said, “We spend more time, more time, talking about what do you call it, as opposed to what are you going to do about it. I mean really, if Fox News didn’t talk about this, they would have nothing else to talk about, it seems to me. Radical Islam, Islamic extremism, I’m not sure an awful lot is gained by saying it. It doesn’t have any impact on our military posture. What we call it doesn’t have any impact on the polices we put in place.”

“The terminology, it seems to me, has little to no impact on what ultimately we have to do.”

Word weaseler gotta weasel words.

Bridget Johnson, PJ Media • Tue 2015 Feb 17, 4:06pm

Asked about the pope’s reaction in a phone call today with reporters, and asked specifically “does the administration agree” the men were killed because of their faith, Psaki said she was “not going to put new labels or — or, certainly, argue with comments of the pope.”

“But I would say that we have spoken in the past about, you know, our concerns about the, you know, targeting of — of religious groups, and we’ve seen, unfortunately, this happen in Iraq and other places,” Psaki said. “ISIL has gone after not just individuals for religious affiliation but for being a woman, for being — for even people with disabilities. And so we’ve seen the barbarity of their tactics.”

“But, you know, beyond that, obviously, this is simply a horrific attack of terrorism and one that we came out this weekend and joined many countries in the world in commending.”

Smug O
Greta Van Susteren, Fox News • Tue 2015 Feb 17, 3:19pm

Oliver North: “President El Sisi asked for American intelligence targeting intelligence before today’s strikes and didn’t get it. King Abdullah of Jordan asked for Intelligence data on targets to respond to the murder of a Jordanian aircraft pilot. The Kurds are begging for arms and ammo from the United States, not one bullet has been delivered by the United States.” [video]

Vatican • Mon 2015 Feb 16, 4:14pm

Pope: Today I read about the execution of those twenty-one or twenty-two Coptic Christians. Their only words were: "Jesus, help me!". They were killed simply for the fact that they were Christians. You, my brother, in your words referred to what is happening in the land of Jesus. The blood of our Christian brothers and sisters is a testimony which cries out to be heard. It makes no difference whether they be Catholics, Orthodox, Copts or Protestants. They are Christians! Their blood is one and the same. Their blood confesses Christ. As we recall these brothers and sisters who died only because they confessed Christ, I ask that we encourage each another to go forward with this ecumenism which is giving us strength, the ecumenism of blood. The martyrs belong to all Christians.

Reuters • Sun 2015 Feb 15, 8:11pm

"Thousands of foreigners have flocked to Iraq and Syria in the past two years, mostly to join Islamic State, but a handful of idealistic Westerners are enlisting as well, citing frustration their governments are not doing more to combat the ultra-radical Islamists or prevent the suffering of innocents."

Steve LeVine / Quartz • Fri 2014 Jul 11, 7:45pm

According to an investigation by Iraq Oil Report (paywall), ISIL rapidly captured one and possibly two oilfields south of Kirkuk soon after storming Iraq a month ago. The fields, in the Hamrin mountains, produce relatively small volumes—just 16,000-20,000 barrels a day. But that earns a tidy income even at the knock-down local black market rate of about $55 a barrel, according to the report. +

The description of ISIL’s smuggling route into Kurdistan continues the narrative of a ruthlessly managed, financially savvy rebel group that has emerged over the last year first in Syria and now Iraq. That includes control over Syria’s oilfields—on July 3, ISIL captured al-Omar, the country’s largest oilfield—plus some $420 million in Iraqi dinars snatched up in the June capture of Mosul. In all, ISIL may have a cache of some $1.3 billion.

Bruce Carroll / Legal Insurrection • Thu 2014 Jul 10, 5:48pm


Hisham al-Hashimi / Telegraph • Thu 2014 Jul 10, 4:52pm

New Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has assigned deputies to manage everything from bank accounts to bomb attacks [War News Updates editor's comment: "The International Criminal Court in The Hague now knows who to focus their attention on when it comes to who they must charge for war crimes."]

Eiffle Tower
Henry Samuel / Telegraph • Thu 2014 Jul 10, 4:48pm

Islamist plot to blow up Eiffel Tower, Louvre and nuclear power plant foiled, say French police - French police stumbled on terror plans after decrypting coded messages between Algerian butcher living in southern France and high-ranking members of al-Qaeda in the Maghreb

Lee Ferran, Ali Weinberg, James Gordon Meek / World Press / ABC • Mon 2014 Jul 7, 6:31pm

Nada Bakos, a former CIA analyst who tracked al-Baghdadi’s predecessor Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, told ABC News al-Baghdadi had forced himself to step from the shadows, even if it meant “definitely taking a risk, security-wise.”

“This would be in line with where he’s trying to take the organization,” Bakos said. “He has to present himself as a leader. This was the next step… He has to come out and declare what he, as the caliph, expects from other Muslims.”

Israel Flag
Alexander Marquardt and Bruno Nota / ABC • Mon 2014 Jun 30, 8:17pm

"With heavy grief, this evening we found three bodies. All signs indicate that they are the bodies of our three abducted youths –- Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaar and Naftali Frankel," Netanyahu said before the start of an emergency cabinet meeting. "They were abducted and murdered in cold blood by human animals. On behalf of the entire Jewish people, I would like to tell the dear families –- the mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, and brothers and sisters –- we are deeply saddened, the entire nation weeps with you. We will give the boys a proper burial."

Then the prime minister quoted Israeli poet Hayim Nahman Bialik. "'Vengeance for the blood of a small child, Satan has not yet created,'" he said. "[N]either has vengeance for the blood of three pure youths, who were on their way home to meet their parents, who will not see them anymore. Hamas is responsible –- and Hamas will pay. May the memories of the three boys be blessed."

BBC • Mon 2014 Jun 30, 8:08pm

Four villages in north-eastern Nigeria have been attacked by suspected Boko Haram militants who targeted at least one church. The bodies of at least 40 civilians and six militants have been recovered… latest assault on villages near Chibok, the town where more than 200 schoolgirls were abducted in April.

Frank Gardner / BBC • Mon 2014 Jun 30, 8:03pm

Jihadist militant group Isis has said it is establishing a caliphate, or Islamic state, on the territories it controls in Iraq and Syria. It also proclaimed the group's leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, as caliph and "leader for Muslims everywhere".