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Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit • Thu 2015 Mar 26, 11:30pm

All evidence indicates that the copilot of Airbus machine in his six-months break during his training as a pilot in Germanwings, converted to Islam and subsequently either by the order of “radical”, ie. devout Muslims , or received the order from the book of terror, the Quran, on his own accord decided to carry out this mass murder. As a radical mosque in Bremen is in the center of the investigation, in which the convert was staying often, it can be assumed that he – as Mohammed Atta, in the attack against New York – received his instructions directly from the immediate vicinity of the mosque. [Translated from German, from]

Dallas Franklin, KFOR • Wed 2015 Mar 25, 4:56pm

An Oklahoma man is accused of raping and assaulting three teens while holding them captive at his home over a span of two years. …shares the home with his parents. … [??!!??]

Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna • Sun 2015 Mar 22, 5:26pm

Islam has made serious inroads into South America. Hezbollah is know to be active there, particularly in the Tri-Border Area, and Venezuela has been working with Iran for decades. Narco-terrorists and Marxist groups in the region reportedly cooperate with Al Qaeda and other Islamic terror outfits to help smuggle pseudo-Latino operatives across the border between Mexico and the United States. …

"But now I fear that a new missile crisis will happen. Venezuela is getting closer and closer to Iran, and while it seems now to be nearing civil war, there is still the rest of ALBA (Alianza Bolivariana para los Pueblos de Nuestra América, Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our America), Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina… they all could be the next Cuba, holding enemy nuclear weapons targeted at US Cities. …"

John Hall, Daily Mail (UK) • Sun 2015 Mar 22, 5:21pm

Barbaric Islamic State militants have dealt yet another blow to Christian history in Iraq by using explosives to destroy the 4th Century Mar Benham monastery.

The ancient building, built by Assyrian king Senchareb 1,600 years ago, stood in the Christian-dominated town of Bakhdida, just 20 miles south east of oil rich ISIS stronghold Mosul.…

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit • Sun 2015 Mar 22, 10:48am

Dozens of Muslim youths attacked police in Wood Green on Saturday.

Members of the Kurdish community clashed with pro-ISIS demonstrators at an Islamic Roadshow stall in High Road, Wood Green, yesterday at around 5pm. Radical Muslim activist Anjem Choudary was among groups hosting the pro-ISIS Islamic Roadshow stall. His followers started the riot when they attacked the Kurds.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit • Sun 2015 Mar 22, 10:46am

A synagogue in the London suburb of Stamford Hill was attacked by a group of approximately 20 youths Saturday night.

The youths, who yelled “we will kill you”, beat worshipers and vandalized property including tearing apart prayer books reported The Jerusalem Post.

Nickarama, Weasel Zippers • Sun 2015 Mar 22, 10:45am

[Graphic shows from where in the world ISIS supporters tweet.]

Johnnie Moore, Fox News / Assyrian Intl News Agy • Sat 2015 Mar 21, 5:30pm

…Like so many Christians in Iraq and Syria who watched ISIS kidnap their leaders, burn their churches, sell their children, and threaten all others with conversion or beheading; the archbishop wonders how it is that these maniacs so easily took his home city this summer?

It is a good question.

Mosul is Iraq's second largest city and was once the home of Iraq's most vulnerable and persistent Christian community, tracing their lineage nearly to the time of Christ.

Now there are no Christians left.

All of this happened under the watchful eye of West, and while you'd hope that the humanitarian threat alone would have motivated the West to act, you would be certain that Mosul's strategic importance would do so. …

Neither proved true.

CNN on Twitter • Sat 2015 Mar 21, 10:02am

U.S. is evacuating roughly 100 special forces from Yemen as security situation deteriorates…

Naveena Kottoor, BBC • Wed 2015 Mar 18, 6:17pm

Nineteen people, including 17 foreign tourists, have been killed in a gun attack on the Bardo museum in the Tunisian capital, Tunis, the PM says.

Those killed included citizens from Japan, Italy, Colombia, Australia, France, Poland and Spain, PM Habib Essid said.

Two Tunisians, one a police officer, were also killed, he said.

Security forces killed two gunmen and were searching the surrounding area for accomplices

Inquisitr • Sun 2015 Mar 15, 5:06pm

ISIS has blown up a 10th century Chaldean Catholic church north of Mosul. The building that was located in the Ba’werah neighborhood on a hill north of Mosul. ISIS also bulldozed a nearby graveyard. … building was founded by the Assyrian Church of the East in the 10th century. The building was converted into a seminary by the Chaldean Catholic Church in 1846.

Breitbart • Sun 2015 Mar 15, 4:45pm

LAHORE, Pakistan (AP) — A pair of suicide bombers detonated themselves near two churches in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore on Sunday as worshippers were gathered inside — killing 15 people, officials said, in the latest attack against religious minorities in the increasingly fractured country.

In the tense aftermath of the blasts, an angry Christian mob turned violent — blocking a major highway, burning cars, ransacking a bus terminal setting two people on fire who the mob suspected of involvement in the attacks. Christian demonstrators blocked roads in other major Pakistani cities as well.

Okla Flag
Amy R. Connolly / UPI • Sat 2015 Mar 14, 7:10pm

…Authorities said students at Edmond [Okla] North High School began alerting school administration two weeks ago that the 16-year-old boy seemed suicidal. In the days that followed, the school closed because of a snow storm, but the students said they continued to get alarming texts from their friend. … When police searched the boy's home, they found blueprints for explosives and bomb components. Investigators said the boy had no specific day planned to carry out the attack. He was taken to a mental-health facility.

ChiCom Flag
David Archibald, American Thinker • Sat 2015 Mar 14, 6:56pm

How do we know the war is coming in the first place? Because the advertising for it is out.

Chris Pleasance, MailOnline • Fri 2015 Mar 13, 10:53pm

A leading liberal clergyman has come under fire from traditionalist Anglicans after allowing a full Muslim prayer service in his church. …asked the congregation to praise ‘the god that we love, Allah’…

Paula McMahon, Sun Sentinel • Thu 2015 Mar 12, 7:10pm

Two brothers… admitting they plotted a terrorist attack on landmarks in New York City… Raees Alam Qazi, 22, and Sheheryar Alam Qazi, 32, both pleaded guilty in federal court in Miami to one count of conspiring to provide support to terrorists… younger brother pleaded guilty to an additional charge of attempting to provide material support to al-Qaida. …

Michael W. Chapman, CNS News • Wed 2015 Mar 11, 5:27pm

The International Society of St. Vincent de Paul, a Catholic organization, is reporting that some of its members in Syria were kidnapped by the Islamic State last week and told that if the adults do not deny their Christian faith, they will be decapitated and “their children burned alive in cages.”

Amanda Batchelor, Local10 • Tue 2015 Mar 10, 9:15pm

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. … Diego Chaar, 24, first yelled out "Allahu akbar" … Rabbi David Weberman and a witness ignored Chaar, at which point he yelled, "Heads will be cut off" and "I will cut your head off." …

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, Noisy Room • Tue 2015 Mar 10, 4:37pm

…If you dig deep enough behind the radical Islamist groups and behind those moving Europe, you will find Russia. In the end, Russia wants the destruction of Israel and the US. They are in the way and a nuisance to their global agenda. Vladimir Putin has called Andropov an “outstanding political figure.” Along with his admiration of Andropov, Putin is reviving the cult of personality for Communist dictator Joseph Stalin, the restoration of the Soviet Union’s national anthem as the anthem for the Russian Federation, military invasions of Georgia and Ukraine and the erecting of statues to former Soviet Communist leaders such as Yuri Andropov. He is orchestrating intense nationalism within Russia, using the Russian Orthodox Church as an instrument to do so and to justify his aggression in Europe. Radical Islam is another tool being used to clear the way for Russia across the planet. One that is deadly and effective. …

War News Updates • Tue 2015 Mar 10, 4:32pm

"The United States is sending 3,000 soldiers near Russia’s doorstep for training exercises with the militaries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the Associated Press reported Monday. …"

RUDAW • Mon 2015 Mar 9, 10:12pm

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – ISIS militants have used explosives to demolish a much-loved 19th century mosque in Mosul city, deeming it sacrilegious, a Kurdish official has said.

“Last night ISIS militants blew up the Hamo Mosque at the city center of Mosul. It was the shrine of some revered clerics and local residents used to visit it every Thursdays and Friday,” Saeed Mamuzini, a Kurdistan Democratic Party official in Mosul, told Rudaw on Friday. …

Corey Charlton, Mail UK • Mon 2015 Mar 9, 10:09pm

…one man who was detained had ties to Amedy Coulibaly, the gunman who killed a policewoman on January 8 and then four more people at a kosher supermarket on January 9 before being killed by security forces. They said the man’s girlfriend, a policewoman, is also in custody.… has been claimed the policewoman worked at Fort de Rosny-sous-Bois, in north east Paris, which is the location of a police intelligence centre. …

Zip, Weasel Zippers • Mon 2015 Mar 9, 10:57am

Rouheni adviser: "Iran is an empire and Baghdad is the capital."

Baron Bodisse, Gates of Vienna • Sun 2015 Mar 8, 9:16pm

…new series of interviews conducted by Dale Hurd, a senior reporter for CBN News. …collectively entitled “Warnings,” feature people who are confronting Europe’s Islamic future. …begins with George Igler of the Discourse Institute in the UK. …recorded in London in January, a week after the Charlie Hebdo and kosher supermarket massacres in Paris.

[Video, 9:32, Dale Hurd on YouTube]

Nickarama, Weasel Zippers • Sun 2015 Mar 8, 8:52pm

Two Brothers Charged In Murder Of Philly Cop…Do You See What I See?

Al Shofra • Sun 2015 Mar 8, 8:49pm

"ISIL elements have today blown up the historical 600-year-old Virgin Mary Church in Tal Kaif, angering citizens who considered it to be the identity of their town and part of their heritage," Ninawa tribal council deputy head Ibrahim al-Hassan told Al-Shorfa.

The church was detonated after ISIL elements looted its contents…

Alex Duval Smith, BBC • Sun 2015 Mar 8, 8:46pm

Five people have been killed in a machine-gun and grenade attack on a bar in Mali's capital, Bamako. … witness said an attacker shouted… "Allahu Akbar"… first attack of its kind in the capital. …not clear who carried out the attack, but al-Qaeda-linked Islamist militants have been fighting the army in northern Mali for a number of years.

Breitbart / AP • Sun 2015 Mar 8, 8:33pm

… occurred over four hours in locations from a busy fish market to a crowded bus station… fifth explosion from a car bomb at a military checkpoint 75 kilometers (50 miles) outside the city wounded a soldier and two members of a civilian self-defense unit. … No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attacks but they bear the hallmarks of the Boko Haram Islamic extremist group. …

Khaleda Rahman, Mail (UK) • Sun 2015 Mar 8, 12:13pm

"Officials in the northern city of Mosul, which is under the control of the terror group, reported jihadists have begun destroying the archaeological site of Hatra in northern Iraq. …"

Nickarama, Weasel Zippers • Sun 2015 Mar 8, 6:29am

Do you see what I see? Both brothers look like they have Muslim ‘prayer bump’ impact on their heads, particularly Hipps on the left. Not been able to verify this yet, as there is no mention of it in media.

Meanwhile there’s a good officer, Robert Wilson, who protected the lives of store patrons, who will not be going home to his family.