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Israel flag
Melanie Phillips • Thu 2012 Nov 15, 3:20pm

…in the eyes of the British media and foreign office Israel is at fault; astoundingly, it is apparently Israel which is responsible for inflaming the situation, not the Palestinians. Never mind the 120 rockets in four days or the 50 further rockets this evening, including 17 Grads fired at the city of Beersheva; or that since the beginning of 2011, 1,100 rocket have been fired on Israeli targets, 797since the beginning of this year; or that a staggering 5274 rockets have been fired from Gaza at southern Israel since 2006. … Never mind the fact that this current round of violence started when an Israeli Defence Force jeep was attacked by an anti-tank missile, wounding four IDF soldiers. Never mind that Hamas have hidden rocket launchers under civilian homes in Gaza, thus once again turning the Palestinian population into human shields.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit • Wed 2012 Nov 14, 9:49pm

Thousands Called for the Overthrow of Dictator King Abdullah today in massive street protests. [video]

Smokey O
Thomas Friedman, New York Times • Wed 2012 Nov 14, 9:38pm

For Ike, it was Lebanon’s civil war and Israel’s Sinai invasion. For Lyndon Johnson, it was the 1967 Six-Day War. For Nixon, it was the 1973 war. For Carter, it was the Iranian Revolution. For Ronald Reagan, it was Lebanon. For George H.W. Bush, it was Iraq. For Bill Clinton, it was Al Qaeda and Afghanistan. For George W. Bush, it was Iraq and Afghanistan. For Barack Obama’s first term, it was Iran and Afghanistan, again. And for Obama’s second term, I fear that it could be the full nightmare — all of them at once. The whole Middle East erupts in one giant sound and light show of civil wars, states collapsing and refugee dislocations, as the keystone of the entire region — Syria — gets pulled asunder and the disorder spills across the neighborhood.

Ahmed Jabri car burning
Walkers! on Ace of Spades • Wed 2012 Nov 14, 2:17pm

Ripped off from another site:
"All of you should have a look at this picture of the dead terorists car:

Do you have any idea how much it has taken to make a missile that only causes this tiny amount of damage? The precision and mass/velocity/design of the kinetic vehicle and warhead are awe inspiring.

If they had used a conventional Hellfire round there would be a crater 6 feet in diameter and 6 foot deep. Instead the headlights have survived.

Anyone who states that the IDF use indiscriminate force can fuck off. "

David Hirst • Wed 2012 Nov 14, 2:07pm

We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force. Let me quote General Moshe Dayan: "Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother." I consider it all hopeless at this point. We shall have to try to prevent things from coming to that, if at all possible. Our armed forces, however, are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.' —Martin van Creveld, professor of military history at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, quoted by David Hirst

Armando on Ace of Spades • Wed 2012 Nov 14, 1:58pm

If Israel were to take out the dam with a nuke, a rush of boiling, radioactive water would go up the Nile and scald and contaminate everything in its path. Unfortunately for Egypt, 95% of its population is within 12 miles of the Nile.

Granted, that would probably only happen if Israel were to exercise the Samson Option, but still…

Your State Department, Ace of Spades • Wed 2012 Nov 14, 1:37pm

Israel is bracing for terrorist attacks perfectly understandable spontaneous reactions to a video


Israel flag
Ben Sales, JTA • Wed 2012 Nov 14, 1:28pm

Rambam Hospital in Haifa … wartime operating room a dozen stories down, to the third level of an underground parking garage that will become, should bombs fall again, one of the world’s largest emergency hospitals. At 645,000 square feet, the three stories will house 2,000 medical stations -- enough to care not only for those wounded physically or psychologically from the war zone, but also for the most critically ill inpatients and outpatients needing regular treatments like dialysis.

Israel flag
Ilan Ben Zion and Elie Leshem, Times of Israel • Wed 2012 Nov 14, 11:43am

Army bombs multiple terror targets in the Gaza Strip, killing up to six, as Operation Pillar of Defense commences against Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets; Hamas’s armed wing warns assassination of top activist has ‘opened the gates of hell’

ChiCom flag
Bill Gertz, Free Beacon • Tue 2012 Nov 13, 2:10pm

China has nearly 750 theater and tactical nuclear warheads in addition to more than 200 strategic missile warheads, a stockpile far larger than U.S. estimates, according to a retired Russian general who once led Moscow’s strategic forces. … “In all likelihood, the [People’s Republic of China] is already the third nuclear power today, after the U.S. and Russia, and it undoubtedly has technical and economic capabilities that will permit it to rapidly increase its nuclear might if necessary….”

Israel flag
Jerusalem Post • Tue 2012 Nov 13, 2:06pm

Israeli military experts have concluded that a conventional strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities may fail, and have been forced to change their plans accordingly…. Defense experts claim Israel have two options, either deploy special forces on the ground, or use ballistic missiles with tactical nuclear warheads….

Israel flag
David Fulghum, Aviation Week • Tue 2012 Nov 13, 1:44pm

There has been an impressive string of anonymous attacks on military-related personnel and facilities in the region that are deemed to pose a threat to Israel and moderate Arab states.

Nagasaki mushroom cloud
Melanie Phillips • Fri 2012 Nov 9, 5:51pm

The greatest satisfaction today over the re-election of Obama… is surely being felt in Iran. With four more years of Obama in the White House, Iran can now be sure that it will be able to complete its infernal construction of a genocide bomb to use against the Jews and the west. World War Three has now come a lot closer. … Romney lost because he refused to provide an alternative to any of this for fear of being labelled a warmonger, flint-heart or social reactionary. He refused to engage with any of the issues that made this Presidential election so truly momentous. Up against the bullying of the totalitarian left, he ran for cover. He played safe, and as a result only advertised his own weakness and dishonesty. Well, voters can smell inconsistency from a mile away; they call it untrustworthiness, and they are right. Romney lost because, like Britain’s Conservative Party, the Republicans just don’t understand that America and the west are being consumed by a culture war. In their cowardice and moral confusion, they all attempt to appease the enemies within. And from without, the Islamic enemies of civilisation stand poised to occupy the void. …

Crazy bomber
Damien McElroy, The Telegraph • Mon 2012 Oct 22, 10:31am

Terrorist groups have acquired a "container" to smuggle uranium undetected past the global network of sensors to prevent a dirty bomb, the head of the UN's nuclear watchdog has warned. [War News Updates editor comments: "When reading stories like this one, one cannot help but feel that it will only be a matter of time before a terror group is successful in a 'dirty bomb' attack."]

Ryan Mauro at World Threats • Sun 2012 Oct 14, 6:51pm

In autumn 1991 Nursultan Nazarbayev, the president of Khazakhstan, sold three nuclear warheads to the Iranians. The Iranians wanted to use them as a prototype for their own bomb manufacturing. The price was said to have been 7.5 billion USD. Whether this amount is true or just the fantasies of a less paid government official, I cannot verify. The amount was to cover all bribes and kick-offs and military protection during transport. Every country involved had demanded their fair share of the deal.

Hyung-Jin Kim, AP/USA Today • Wed 2012 Oct 10, 7:01pm

North Korea on Tuesday warned that the U.S. mainland is within range of its missiles, and said Washington's recent agreement to let Seoul possess missiles capable of hitting all of the North shows the allies are plotting to invade the country.

Amos Harel and Avi Issacharoff at Haaretz • Wed 2012 Oct 10, 6:45pm

The unmanned aerial vehicle that was shot down by the IDF on Saturday came from the direction of Gaza – but it does not appear that Palestinian groups are behind it.

Julian Ryall, the Telegraph • Tue 2012 Oct 2, 9:36pm

A senior North Korean diplomat warned a meeting of the UN General Assembly in New York that "a spark of fire could set off a thermonuclear war" on the Korean Peninsula.

ChiCom flag
Bill Gertz, Washington Free Beacon • Sun 2012 Sep 30, 10:04pm

Hackers linked to China’s government broke into one of the U.S. government’s most sensitive computer networks, breaching a system used by the White House Military Office for nuclear commands, according to defense and intelligence officials familiar with the incident.

Daily Mail • Sun 2012 Sep 30, 7:03pm

The notorious underwear bomber who tried to bring down a jumbo jet on Christmas Day had a dirty little secret - he'd been wearing the explosive skivvies for weeks.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab wore them for three weeks to be exact, and it may have been the reason why he was unsuccessful in his 2009 terrorist plans aboard a Detroit-bound airliner.

Christian Science Monitor • Sun 2012 Sep 30, 6:57pm

60 percent of the country's 430 prisons or jails are controlled by criminal elements. … escape of 521 inmates over 14 incidents since 2010 - often with the help of corrupt prison officials …

Frowny O
Jared Favole and Colleen McCain Nelson, WSJ • Sat 2012 Sep 29, 4:04pm

“The two leaders discussed a range of security issues, and the President reaffirmed his and our country’s unshakeable commitment to Israel’s security,” the White House said in a brief summary of the call. “The two leaders underscored that they are in full agreement on the shared goal of preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”

NBC News staff • Thu 2012 Sep 27, 7:12pm

Magarief told Curry that based on the accuracy of the assault, he believes the attackers must have had training and experience using the weapons. "It's a pre-planned act of terrorism," he said, adding that the anti-Islam film had "nothing to do with this attack." Though Magarief believes the attack was the work of Islamist fundamentalists, he dismisses any notion that Libya is in danger of becoming a theocracy.

Elena Becatoros, MyFoxNY • Thu 2012 Sep 27, 7:06pm

Police fired tear gas at rioters hurling gasoline bombs and chunks of marble Wednesday during Greece's largest anti-austerity demonstration in six months — part of a 24-hour general strike that was a test for the nearly four-month old coalition government and the new spending cuts it plans to push through. The brief but intense clashes by a couple of hundred rioters participating in the demonstration of more than 60,000 people came a day after anti-austerity protests rocked the Spanish capital, Madrid. Hundreds of Spanish anti-austerity protesters gathered again Wednesday, ending near parliament in Madrid amid a heavy presence of riot police. In Tuesday's protest, police arrested 38 people and 64 were injured.

Julien Toyer and Fiona Ortiz, Reuters • Thu 2012 Sep 27, 7:04pm

protesters stepping up anti-austerity demonstrations … The government's drive to rein in regional overspending as part of its austerity measures has prompted a flare-up in independence fervor in Catalonia … Anti-austerity groups planned a fresh demonstration on Wednesday evening in Madrid, a day after police fired rubber bullets at thousands of protesters who tried to form a human chain around the parliament building. Police arrested 35 protesters on Tuesday and 64 police and demonstrators were injured in the clashes.

Abigail Hauslohner, Washington Post • Wed 2012 Sep 26, 6:46pm

...commander of a powerful Libyan militia said Monday that looters had stolen “a large number” of shoulder-fired, heat-seeking missiles from the militia’s base when protesters who called for dismantling the country’s militias overran the compound. … used by fighters to “hit airplanes” and known to the U.S. intelligence community as MANPADS (man-portable air-defense systems), were stolen along with 2,000 semiautomatic rifles and ammunition, as the militia withdrew from its base amid a firefight early Saturday. … It was unclear whose hands the weapons had fallen into. … A senior Obama administration official said earlier this month that U.S. intelligence estimates that 100 to 1,000 MANPADS are still unaccounted for in Libya, despite U.S. efforts to destroy them. Intelligence officials believe that some of the MANPADS have been smuggled across Libya’s borders. … Although military aircraft now have countermeasures that have rendered the weapons largely ineffective in conventional battle, MANPADS continue to pose a serious threat to passenger planes. … “In the wrong hands, shoulder-fired antiaircraft missiles pose a major threat to passenger air travel, the commercial aviation industry and possibly military aircraft around the world,” Andrew J. Shapiro, an assistant secretary of state who oversees the effort said in a speech this year. “Not only could a successful attack against an aircraft cause a devastating loss of life, but it could also cause significant economic damage.”

[War News Update editor's coldly simple comment: "This is ominous."]

The Reaganite Republican • Wed 2012 Sep 26, 3:13pm

According to reports the Department of Homeland Security is expecting significant push-back in the very near future, which explains why they already have thousands of heavily armored vehicles in DHS 'Police/Rescue' livery, resplendent in either a dashing Gulf War tan or menacing stealth-anthracite

Kirit Radia, ABC • Tue 2012 Sep 25, 11:07am

MOSCOW — Seven individuals were reportedly arrested for allegedly trafficking uranium and weapons in a breakaway region of Moldova.

The unnamed group had been detained last week in the separatist enclave of Transnistria, according to Moldova’s interior ministry, Reuters reported.

The group had allegedly been involved in shipments of hand grenades, Kalashnikov assault rifles, rocket propelled grenade launchers, and even containers of uranium-235, which could be used to produce a nuclear bomb. The ministry provided no further details about the uranium shipment or its origin, according to Reuters.