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Vic, Ace of Spades • Sat 2018 Jan 13, 11:08am

…On this day 1971 in a great travesty of justice the liberal wing of SCOTUS ruled 5-4 to overrule the conviction of murder by a serial killer in NH. Their ruling was based on excluded evidence found in his car after a search they deemed unlawful because the search warrant was issued by the State AG acting as a justice of the peace.…

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Vic, Ace of Spades • Fri 2018 Jan 12, 11:14am

…On this day in 1915 the House of Representatives rejected a proposal to require States to give women the right to vote. That would have been blatantly unconstitutional and congress was not yet decreeing unconstitutional stuff.…

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Vic, Ace of Spades • Thu 2018 Jan 11, 12:38pm

…On this day in 1908 the Grand Canyon National Monument was created by presidential edict after two bills to make it a national park failed in congress.…

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J.J. Sefton, Ace of Spades • Wed 2018 Jan 10, 12:45pm

…The big story today, and far and away the most important issue facing us as Americans that will determine the fate of this nation, is immigration illegal and legal.…

No Vic. You'll have to get by with JJ's intensive collection of links.
Vic, Ace of Spades • Tue 2018 Jan 9, 11:17am

…On this day in 1349 the Jewish population of Basel, Switzerland believed by the residents to be the cause of the ongoing Black Death, were rounded up and incinerated by locking 600 of them in a barn and burning it down.

The news has always been rough.
Vic, Ace of Spades • Mon 2018 Jan 8, 9:09am

…On this day in 2002 RINO Bush signed into law the No Child Left Behind Act that he and Ted the Swimmer pushed through congress. It was a massive failure and was replaced by a law turning schools back to the States in 2015.

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Vic, Ace of Spades • Sun 2018 Jan 7, 12:42pm

…On this day in 1980 Jimmy Carter signed legislation giving $1.5 billion in loans to bail out the Chrysler Corporation. Ultimately they still went bankrupt and were bought out by Fiat.

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Vic, Ace of Spades • Sat 2018 Jan 6, 10:41am

…On this day in 1941 FDR delivered his infamous socialist Four Freedoms speech in the State of the Union address.

Specifically those were:
Freedom of speech
Freedom of worship
Freedom from want
Freedom from fear

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Vic, Ace of Spades • Fri 2018 Jan 5, 1:15pm

… On this day in 1949 President Harry Truman unveiled his Fair Deal program. It was nothing more than a rehash of FDR's so-called 'new deal' program of communist social programs. You don't hear too much about the fair deal because the public had had enough of FDR's shit and voted Democrats out of office for a short while and the 'fair deal' could not make it through congress.

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J.J. Sefton, Ace of Spades • Thu 2018 Jan 4, 11:39am

…unrest/demonstrations in Iran remain front and cente…
…Obama actually tipped off the Iranians to an assassination plot about to be launched by the Israelis…
…a fascinating piece about the history of Marxist Critical Theory and how it got us to where we are today…

Vic seems to be MIA today. Hope it's just a connection glitch, or he's snug in bed.
Vic, Ace of Spades • Wed 2018 Jan 3, 10:47am

…On this day in 1961 the US severed diplomatic relations with Cuba over the latter's nationalization of American assets. In July of 2015 the Choom reestablished them and the assets have never been returned or compensated for.

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Vic, Ace of Spades • Tue 2018 Jan 2, 9:46am

…On this day in 1974 far left liberal asshole Richard Nixon signed a bill passed by the all Democrat congress lowering the maximum U.S. speed limit to 55 MPH in order to conserve gasoline during the OPEC embargo. It was a massive failure whose only result was local municipalities got a new tax by applying massive fines to motorists. It wasn't until 1995 before congress repealed this POS.

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Vic, Ace of Spades • Mon 2018 Jan 1, 12:56pm

…On this day in 45 BC the Julian calendar took effect as the civil calendar of the Roman Empire, establishing January 1 as the new date of the start of the new year.

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Vic, Ace of Spades • Sun 2017 Dec 31, 12:03pm

…On this day in 1759 Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000 year lease at 45 pounds per annum and started brewing Guinness beer. …

This is the very last time that I'm going to link to Vic this year. Probably.
Vic, Ace of Spades • Sat 2017 Dec 30, 10:43am

…On this day in 1972 the United States halted heavy bombing of North Vietnam. I was there for that one off the coast on Yankee station. We had been bombing heavy all the way through Christmas.

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Vic, Ace of Spades • Fri 2017 Dec 29, 1:18pm

…On this day in 1835 the Treaty of New Echota was signed, ceding all the lands of the Cherokee east of the Mississippi River to the United States. This treaty was forced on the Cherokee after gold was discovered on Cherokee lands in GA. It ultimately led to what is known as the Trail of Tears.

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Vic, Ace of Spades • Thu 2017 Dec 28, 1:53pm

…On this day in 1973 the all Democrat congress passed one of the most hideous laws ever written and it was signed into law by the most Democrat with an R after his name Richard Millhouse Nixon.

It was the endangered species act, which has been vastly abused since the day it was written.…

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Vic, Ace of Spades • Wed 2017 Dec 27, 11:05am

… On this day in 1845 Ether anesthetic was used for the first time by Dr. Crawford Long in Jefferson, Georgia.

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Vic, Ace of Spades • Tue 2017 Dec 26, 12:27pm

…On this day in 1966 black thug Maulana Karenga invented fake holiday Kwanzaa. The seven principles of Kwanzaa are the very same seven principles of the Symbionese Liberation Army which is where he lifted those from.

Vic's got the post-Christmas spirit… and you can't have any.
J.J. Sefton, Ace of Spades • Mon 2017 Dec 25, 1:12pm

Good morning kids. Merry Christmas to you all and I hope Santa has left you lots of toys and goodies under the tree. As for this Yidlet from Flatbush, I give you some links to ponder over coffee and a nice gooey danish, and I'll try to keep the commentary light.…

No Vic news for Christmas. Jewish JJ does a great job on the headlines from the Chinese restaurant....
Vic, Ace of Spades • Sat 2017 Dec 23, 11:04am

…On this day in 1783 George Washington resigned as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army at the Maryland State House in Annapolis, Maryland. He had been urged by supporters to seize power and become the national leader (remember this was before the constitution and there was no President). But he refused such an act.

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Vic, Ace of Spades • Fri 2017 Dec 22, 11:30am

…On this day in 1937 the Lincoln Tunnel opened to traffic in New York City. Initial toll was 50 cents, it is now $15 on outgoing traffic.…

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Vic, Ace of Spades • Thu 2017 Dec 21, 11:23am

…On this day in 1620 William Bradford and the Mayflower Pilgrims landed on what is now known as Plymouth Rock in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

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Vic, Ace of Spades • Wed 2017 Dec 20, 10:58am

…On this day in 1946 the Christmas film It's a Wonderful Life premiered in New York City. It has become a staple of Christmas viewing on TV now.…

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Vic, Ace of Spades • Tue 2017 Dec 19, 11:27am

Good Morning Morons, damn very early. I like it.

An unusually subtle start to Vic's daily report. Meanwhile, JJ's just gets bigger and longer! His report, I mean.

Vic's actual Moor News begins at comment #45.

Vic, Ace of Spades • Mon 2017 Dec 18, 10:38am

…On this day in 1865 Secretary of State William Seward proclaimed the adoption of the Thirteenth Amendment, prohibiting slavery throughout the USA. However officially slavery did not end in MD until long after that. I have seen write-ups that said some blacks remained slaves in MD on into the early 1900s.

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Vic, Ace of Spades • Sun 2017 Dec 17, 11:32am

…On this day in 1951 the American Civil Rights Congress delivered the document "We Charge Genocide" to the United Nations. The Civil Rights Congress was a communist affiliated group in the 50s. The Russians through their allies in the Baltics financed these agitation groups in the 50s and 60s.

So glad Communism is no threat to the world anymore! (Uhh…)
Vic, Ace of Spades • Sat 2017 Dec 16, 11:24am

…On this day in 1773 members of the Sons of Liberty disguised as Mohawk Indians dumped hundreds of crates of tea into Boston harbor as a protest against the Tea Act.

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Vic, Ace of Spades • Fri 2017 Dec 15, 10:32am

…On this day in 1933 the Twenty-first Amendment to the United States Constitution officially became effective, repealing the Eighteenth Amendment that prohibited the sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcohol. An interesting note on this amendment is that it is the only amendment that has been ratified by state conventions and not the legislatures. The State legislatures were still packed with prohibitionists who would not have ratified it so they sent it directly to conventions nominated by the people.

A toast! A toast to Repeal! Repeal! Repeal!
Vic, Ace of Spades • Thu 2017 Dec 14, 11:09am

…On this day in 1964 in the Heart of Atlanta Motel v. United States the activist Warren Court ruled that Congress can use the Constitution's Commerce Clause to fight discrimination. What forcing a private business to serve some customers they do not want has to do with interstate commerce I have no idea. But bad cases make bad rulings. Yes, discrimination based solely on race is bad, but if they want kill their own business that's their problem.

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