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MJA, IOTWReport • Fri 2018 Jul 6, 4:14pm

…handed out yard signs reading, “This home is a gun-free safe space…” “It’s amazing how many people took one and thanked us. They said they would put it in front of their house. I think it’s funny,” the Houston-area Republican told the newspaper, adding: “Nobody should put this in front of their house.”…

Mikey NTH, Ace of Spades • Thu 2018 May 31, 9:24am

FEWWWWWEEEEEEE! "All hands on deck!" came the sounds from the loudspeaker as the crew assembled. … "Trump is evil! He breathes! Air is evil!"…

The long and winding saga rumbles on
Mikey NTH, Ace of Spades • Tue 2018 May 22, 10:56pm

The Saga:

In a cave complex below Chappaqua Huma gives a deep bow and intones greetings in respectful tones. Fu Manchu returns the bow and the greetings before following Huma deeper into the caves. …

The rolling narrative rolls on.
Mikey NTH, Ace of Spades • Fri 2018 Mar 2, 8:56am

…The Saga Continues:

Deep within the bowels of CNN, far underground, down rough concrete hallways beneath humming fluorescent lights a group struggles, dragging a howling spitting Ewok along.

"What the devil is wrong with this Teddy Bear?" one asks.

"I think it's a Monchichi," another replies.…

The saga has been going on for a while.
Ben Marquis, Conservative Tribune • Sat 2018 Feb 17, 12:09pm

…Liberal film reviewers had already made their opinions of Eastwood and American patriotism known following the 2014 release of “American Sniper,” but they have reiterated their anti-Americanism and sympathy toward Islamic extremists in their reviews of “The 15:17 To Paris.”…

Mikey NTH, Ace of Spades • Wed 2018 Feb 7, 6:03pm

…Huma says, "Let's get started with our pledge to Hillary." She rises and turns to face the wearer of the purple plaid plutonium powered panzer pantsuit, but no one else does.

"What is this?" Hillary hisses. "Are you in rebellion?"…

The Saga goes 'way back, and shows no sign of ending
Mark Meadows, Thread Reader • Wed 2018 Jan 24, 11:58am

…Folks, this stinks to high heaven. If this is anything what it looks like--the FBI changing course on investigation, putting their thumb on the scale to undermine Donald Trump and essentially help Hillary Clinton--that is as wrong as it gets.…

From Rep Mark Meadows's Twitter feed
Mikey NTH` • Wed 2018 Jan 17, 11:23am

A Golden Scalp Weasel - The Saga Rolls on:

Trump sits in the oval office, receiving a briefing.

"Your medical report was astounding sir, and the doctor delivering it was impeccable," GorillaPundit states.

"That admiral is good, great fellow, one of the best."

"Unfortunately, several members of the press corps started foaming at the mouth in frustration and had to be committed." …

This saga has been going on since the primaries. I hope it's being collected.
Mikey NTH, Ace of Spades • Tue 2018 Jan 9, 1:41pm

…"Greetings! I am Keith of the Olbermanns! And this is..."
A short man pushes forward. "I am Bill of the Kristol!"

At an underground lair in New York Hillary looks at the screen, thankful the mute button is engaged. "God, what imbeciles I have to work with." …

This saga has been going on, off and on, in various forms, since back in the primaries. I hope it's being collected somewhere.
Sarah Sanders‏, Twitter • Tue 2017 Nov 21, 4:14pm

North Korea has just been placed on our list of state sponsors of terrorism. I would like to remind Kim Jong Un that as of November 8th 2016, the U.S. ended it's policy of sending the countries on that list pallets of cash.

Sarah is so much fun.
Jack Cashill, American Thinker • Tue 2017 Nov 21, 2:52pm

…In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein revelations, Anita Hill's star is shining brighter than it has since the riveting Hill-Thomas hearings in 1991. …the actual evidence strongly suggests that if Hill ever suffered indignities, Clarence Thomas did not inflict them.…

Gumlegs, Twitter • Thu 2017 Nov 9, 3:37pm
Hilarious pic, classic caption. Must be seen to be appreciated.
Red Star Hammer & Sickle
Chairman Meow, People's Cube • Sun 2017 Nov 5, 1:45pm

“Memeball” is a 4chan thing where you take a 3D illustration of a smiley face making a thumbs-up gesture and use it mock a variety of political ideologies. Here are some of the best Soviet Union ones…

GW Bush
Red Square, The People's Cube • Sun 2017 Oct 22, 12:39pm

…"For eight long years he didn't speak a word," said George's brother, Jeb Bush. Though his family continued to talk to him, they had no idea whether he understood them. That eased a few days ago, when he began responding to questions with grunts and by blinking his eyes.…

The People's Cube
Haggard Hillary
Fox News • Sun 2017 Oct 15, 10:35am

Trump too tough on Iran, North Korea, Clinton says…


I am just fielding a few articles to test technical and other matters. Not really back to full blogging yet.
If ever.

Guzzlin' Hillary
MJA, IOTW Report • Fri 2017 Oct 6, 3:32pm

“I tweeted at the president and the secretary of defense and the defense department. And I basically implored them to send naval assets, including the hospital ship, and it took a few more days and then finally they did…”

Hollie McKay, Fox News • Tue 2016 Sep 13, 5:57pm

Four Americans died in the 2012 terror attack in Benghazi, and those who survived saw their stories of heroism told in a Hollywood movie, but the filmmaker whose work was wrongly blamed for touching off the event lives in obscurity, poverty and fear… “I don’t believe in democracy anymore… I don’t think there is such a thing as freedom of speech.”…

Sophie Hirsh, Mashable • Wed 2016 Aug 24, 9:42pm

…Duke the Great Pyrenees is the only dog that's ever been elected mayor in America, and he proudly serves the people of Cormorant, a tiny Western Minnesota town with about 1,000 residents. He was just reelected for his third year-long term…

Steven Hayward, Powerline • Wed 2016 Jul 27, 11:23am

Politically incorrect ad of the year… Canada’s Oil Sands Community … ad for their Facebook page…

Objected to by environmentalists, homosexuals and Muslims alike.
See print pic. Also, video: EthicalOildotorg, YouTube, 0:30
Kevin Jackson, The Black Sphere • Fri 2016 Jul 1, 1:48pm

…11:15 AM
Free lunch, medical marijuana, and bus ride to the Convention
Forms for Food Stamp enrollment and free cellphones distributed

1:30 PM
Group Voter Registration for Illegal Immigrants.
Fifteen different language interpreters to assist…

There's a slight chance this might be parody
Dr. Susan Berry, Breitbart • Wed 2016 Jun 29, 2:23pm

Senate Democrats are blocking a $1.1 billion Republican measure that would fund efforts to fight the Zika virus because it does not contain funding for Planned Parenthood.…

Mike Maharrey, Tenth Amendment Center • Tue 2016 Jun 28, 12:55am

House Republicans unveiled their plan to replace Obamacare last week. Whether it would usher in “better” policies than the Affordable Care Act remains up for debate, but one thing is certain – it’s every bit as unconstitutional as Obamacare.…

World News Bureau • Tue 2016 Jun 28, 12:26am

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan on Friday said Democrats participating in the House sit-in this week will be billed for the cost of cleaning up the mess they left behind. … empty beer and liquor bottles, discarded condoms, articles of underwear, cigarette butts, various items of drug paraphernalia, assorted sex aids, and countless urine, feces, and vomit stains.… "These people are disgusting animals, and the taxpayers aren't going to pay to clean up their mess," Ryan told reporters.…

Ted Cruz
Renee Nal, Noisy Room • Fri 2016 Jun 17, 2:58pm

[Ted Cruz:] …"I think the American people find it ridiculous that in response to an ISIS terror attack the Democrats go on high dungeon that we’ve got to restrict the 2nd amendment rights of law abiding citizens. This is not a gun control issue. This is a terrorism issue. And it is nothing less than political gamesmanship for them to try to shift for their favorite hobby-horse, of taking away the Bill of Rights from law abiding citizens.…"

Joe Dan Gorman, Intellectual Froglegs • Sun 2016 Jun 12, 3:19pm

Victoria Claflin Woodhull, later Victoria Woodhull Martin (September 23, 1838 – June 9, 1927) was an American leader of the woman’s suffrage movement. In 1872, Woodhull was the first female to run for President of the United States.…

Crybaby O
Dianny, Patriot Retort • Mon 2016 Jun 6, 3:15pm

…Liberal Privilege.

Michelle and Barack take lavish, all-expense-paid vacations while lecturing Americans about having “skin in the game” and paying “their fair share.”

Ironic, isn’t it? Michelle pisses and moans about living in a mansion “built by slaves” but never once considers that she is living a charmed, royal life “built by Americans.” We pay for their mansion. We pay for their private jumbo-jet. We pay for their fancy vacations. We pay for their world travels. Our hard-earned money, our tax dollars, our labor, our sweat and toil.…

Pam Key, Breitbart • Mon 2016 May 9, 11:11am

…Sarah Palin… said… Paul Ryan’s… “political career is over…”

Takes one to know one.
Kimberly Bloom Jackson, American Thinker • Tue 2016 May 3, 10:02pm

…As we forge ahead into this critical 2016 election season, let us not forget the real history of America when blacks and whites, primarily Republicans, worked side by side defending the rights and dignity of all Americans. It’s a history that has been kept out of the history books--a history that today’s Democrats routinely lie about while promptly pointing their finger at Republicans, calling white Republicans racists and black Republicans Uncle Toms. This is because Democrats have a secret past that must be protected and an agenda that must be fulfilled.…

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, Noisy Room • Mon 2016 Mar 7, 4:02pm

… the pastor of the Altar Church remains in critical, but stable condition after being shot up to six times in the back. Pastor Tim Remington had just left a service yesterday… one day after saying the invocation over a Ted Cruz rally. Mr. Remington, an outspoken advocate for conservative and Christian causes in the Gem State, delivered a prayer for Ted Cruz at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds on Saturday with 3,000 supporters.… Kyle Andrew Odom, who is 30 and comes from Coeur d’Alene, is now the suspect in this case. .…considered armed and dangerous. Odom was a Marine.…

Noisy Room • Fri 2016 Mar 4, 8:22pm
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