Agondonter ('Tisn't Easy Being)

It can be hard to live in faith.


        Bm         F#m  G
'Tisn't easy being Agon-donter

                 Bm       G        F#m
Heaven won't you come and raise my roof

        Bm        F#m           G
Gets so hard to believe without seeing

             D7         G
Send me your undeniable proof

           D           Ddim         D
(I seem to keep losin' track of the troof)

       Bm            F#m         G
Yes, I know the mere fact that existence exists

        Bm          G                F#m
Or that love can be found means it's true

     Bm         F#m       G
But what I want has to be incontrovertible

         D7            G
I want a postcard from You

           D         Ddim        D
(Won't you send me a postcard or two)

       Bm      F#m           G
I've already received some Enlightenment

        Bm         G               F#m
Figured out how to tell right from wrong

    Bm          F#m        G
But keeping the faith is exhausting I need

       D7             G
To be shown what I've known all along

        D              Ddim      D
(Send a sample of what makes You strong)
Mindful Webworks | Urantiana | Agondonter, page 2

     Bm             F#m     G
I've monitored your miracle courses

     Bm         G      F#m
Understand intellectually

  Bm             F#m        G
I know there are angels and midwayers everywhere

D7                          G
Can't they just stop by for tea?

          D         Ddim        D
(I'll schedule them Thursday at three)
Agondonters: "...evolutionary will creatures who can believe without seeing, persevere when isolated, and triumph over insuperable difficulties even when alone." Read about Agondonters in Urantia Paper 50, section 7, The Rewards of Isolation.^

Two verses of an unpublished recording of Agondonter, performed on piano, were used in the video Deer Grazing 2012 Oct.

Performed in Mindful Webworkshop #2