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RIP Billy Dewayne Copeland, 85
Examiner-Enterprise Thu 2017-Oct-19 4:49pm

…March 7, 1932 - October 2, 2017…
…His earliest years included a move to California, where the small family briefly shared living quarters in a railroad boxcar with three other families. By the time he started school, the family was back in Oklahoma… married in June 1950, driving to Arkansas so they could wed at an earlier age, shortly before he reported for active duty in the US Army… emergency appendectomy prevented him from shipping out with his unit to Korea… transferred to oversee a typing pool, and later joked, "I'd have (almost) preferred being shipped out." …leaves behind his loving wife of 67 years… three sons… eight grandchildren, who were all his favorites… and eleven great-grandchildren

Founded Copeland Appliance in Bartlesville in 1970. A good, full life.