Fall of the Prince

Ballad regarding events which put the foundations of humanity out of whack

1. Prologue [darkly]

  Cm               Db
A tune for him who once was called

      Cm        Bbm
  the Planetary Prince.

    Cm                Db
The way he turned his back on love

        Cm      Bb      Cm
  still makes immortals wince.

      Cm               Db
Three hundred thousand years he served

    Eb      Gm Bb Db
  uplifting human kind

      Cm         Db
Until Prince Caligastia

  {Eb   Fm E  Eb  D  Db  Cm   }
  {fell    victim to his mind.}

2. The story

    Cm          Db
The city of Dalamatia,

          Eb      Gm   Bb  Cm
  long forgotten, dead and cold,

      Cm                 Db
Which should be standing yet today,

       Eb      Gm  Bb   Db
  five hundred thousand old

  Cm              Db
Began the grand decline and fall

       Eb  Gm Bb    Cm
  with Daligastia's nod

   Cm                   Db
To teach the Prince was all-supreme,

  {Eb   Fm E Eb D Db    Cm  }
  {that    Caligastia's God.}

Mindful Webworks | Urantiana | Fall of the Prince, page 2

Cm             Db
... Then came a great division.

  Eb        Gm Bb Cm
  Doctrines misconstrued

  Cm               Db
Deprived the rebel sixty of

    Eb     Gm Bb  Db
  immortal spirit-food.

Em7b5            Fm
Forty brave were led by Van

  Gbm7b5        Gm
  Steadfast and true

Many human followers

  kept loyal and faithful too.

Eb-Db Cm             Db
      Forty thousand midway creatures

  Eb      Db
  So many cherubim

Cm               Db       Eb
Fell from glory, as did many

  Fm E  Eb  D  Db Cm
     loving seraphim

     (O, lovely seraphim!)

4. [darkly]

Cm           Db
.. Confusion perpetrated

  Eb               Gm Bb Db
  brought the city under seige.

  Cm       Db
Defense preoccupied

      Cm                   Bbm
  all those who hailed the Prince as leige.

    F                Bbm
The gods were driven out by men

      Cm7b5            Bbm
  and northwardly took flight.

    F                Bbm
The house of our All-Father fell

     Fm E    Eb D    Db  Fm7b5
  to    Nog, of fire and light.

Mindful Webworks | Urantiana | Fall of the Prince, page 3

    Dm7b5         Cm
One hundred sixty-two years later

  Cm7b5        Bbm
  came a tidal wave

Cm7b5            Bbm           
Brick and timber broke ..  and 

  F               Bbm
  flowed into its wat'ry grave

     Dm7b5               Cm
Like all such schemes of ego,

      Cm7b5             Bbm
  the Prince's plan was fated

   Cm7b5             Bbm
to have almost every vestige of

  F   E    Eb D Db C B
  his plan obliterated.

  Bb A Ab G Gb F E Eb D Db Cm
6. Epilogue [hopefully]

  Em7b5               Fm
Although the Prince's sins destroyed

  Gbm7b5         Gm
  all he did for men

We'll someday build

  an age more Light

   and Livelier




Fm E Eb D Db

C  B Bb A Ab

G Gb F  E Eb

Db Eb C