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IllTemperedCur: "I like the idea of exile. I also like the idea of prison. ..."

Gitmo, then! Best of both.

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Subjects: betrayal

Am I the only one who thinks this way? -FART

Of course not.

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Subjects: betrayal, law, OJ Simpson

A former chief of staff of a Democratic Florida congressman, convicted in a voter-fraud scheme, will be hung by the neck until dead, in the public square.

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Subjects: betrayal, traitor

The thing about findin' out yer Prezzy, or yer Senator, or yer heads of spies, might be a traitor, it's that these folks' characters is so bad, you'd easily believe just about anything about 'm.

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Subjects: betrayal, SCoaMF, traitor

When Hanoi Jane went to NVN, I wondered how it was she did not get arrested and tried as a TRAITOR for "giving aid and comfort to the enemy." Along with so many, I still wonder.

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Subjects: Viet Nam, Jane Fonda, betrayal, traitor, US military
Cast out

Ballad regarding events which put the foundations of humanity out of whack

Verse added on 1996 Dec 14
Subjects: Urantia, Caligastia, origins, faith, betrayal, history, revelation
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