Luciferian Rebellion Virus

A disease infects the local systems of the cosmic mind.

WARNING !!!!! URGENT !!!!! WARNING !!!!!
WARNING !!!!! URGENT !!!!! WARNING !!!!!
Luciferian Rebellion is a virus in the local systems of the cosmic mind.
Initially passed when people download its creator's misguided appeals.
Has been known to bulk-erase whole planetary revealations repeatedly.
The technicians isolated the virus on outbreak, to protect nearby systems from infection, but because this virus originated in the primary system Lanonandek processing unit, a terrible number of subordinate units were affected.
The whole infected multi-CPU command unit has been replaced, and our planetary CPU units have been replaced, but the contagion affected the roots of our plantary mentation suite, and still, every day, all over the world, results in individual material-based processors failing to communicate with the network of fellowship.