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Conflicting Comfort and Discomfort Zones

"A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject." - Winston Churchill

Back in the day, on CompuServe religion forum, there were characters who seemed out of place, too enthusiastic, pushy, insistent about a particular belief - shrilly interjecting their doctrine into all exchanges, insisting their beliefs are divine (which was fine) and everyone else's are demonic (which was not) — disruptive to the point of banning.

Then I'd see the same person in some technical forum and they behaved perfectly sociably.

Religion had no monopoly. Fanatical True Believers exist in ... every? ... category. (Fanatical quilters? Probably.) With some folks, there's topics you can talk about, and topics you can't. When you got to know someone in one context where they were fanatical and you can just ignore them, then you meet them being more normal in other circumstances, you have to see them a little more sympathetically.

I suppose we can all be like that, given the right circumstances.

Beatles fans

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Updated Tao

Digital existentialism

Statue of Radd Tzu

Those who lurk
Do not post

Those who post
Do not lurk

-Radd Dadd Upanishadd,
the digital Lao Tzu

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Jesus Among the AmerIndians

Just always seemed t'me just like something Jesus might do.

Mormonism's idea that the risen Jesus appeared to people in the Western Hemisphere has always tickled me. Just always seemed t'me just like something Jesus might do.

I believe sometimes the Spirit tries to coalesce a concept in the mortal mind, and all kinds of imaginary thoughts are generated in consequence. One great truth may be accompanied by much dross. Not saying this about Smith or Mormon, specifically.

I have no idea when or how or why anyone thinks he may have done it, but I always figured it would be easiest during his time as the Risen Jesus. He hung around for nearly six weeks, and he reportedly was materially free to travel.

Maybe it's just that I so like thinking the Master would have reached out, just as he taught, to all the world. And since no other disciple of his at the time could possibly get there....

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Isolated World

Caught in the battlefield

The War in Heaven, initiated a third of a billion years ago by the rebel administrator Lucifer, is long settled, and the betrayer is incarcerated and new, loyal administrators have replaced him and his rebellious associates.

His subordinate administrator in charge of this world was removed from official status two millennia ago, but that did not end the battling. The devilish former prince of this world is not yet rounded up, and though greatly disempowered, is not without willing allies still.

The final struggle for souls on disrupted planets, the very destiny of the world, continues. Those who seek Truth know the ultimate outcome.

It's all about spirit. Every major topic is about Reality and its opponents.

True Disciples of the Prince of Deception have the mark of the beast in their shifty eyes and nervous speech and endless body tells.

Mere Followers of the Lie cannot reason effectively, instead responding propagandistically, and their morals and principles are, at best, confused, at worst, non-existent.

It's not about different ideas or reaching across the aisle or getting along. This is the ongoing War in Heaven begun eons ago. No fence-sitting possible.

Truth. Accept no substitutes.

Paradise Lost - Gustave Doré

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Extremely Inhabited Universe

They're not Out There. We are.

"One In Five Milky Way Stars Host Potentially Life-Friendly Earth Like Planets"
Yahoo News headline [cached], h/t to BenK on Ace of Spades

What study really said, Irene Klotz reporting for Reuters:
"One out of every five sun-like stars in the Milky Way galaxy has a planet about the size of Earth that is properly positioned for water, a key ingredient for life...."

Actually, it's obvious to any reasoning person:

The Extremely Inhabited Universe is watching us closely, helping us, as much as the rules allow (respect of individual relative free will, independent planetary cultural development & all that), and will contact us when we are decided.

As a world.

So, it may be a while yet.

Kepler Candidates
More than 3,500 potential inhabitable worlds known in our galaxy