Grab your muskets and come a-runnin'!

The regulars are coming!

Y'know the saying, gun control is hitting what you aim at?

A well regulated militia is responsive because you have an informed citizenry. Well-armed and ready, obviously. Expected to be able to hit what they aim at, implicitly. Able to aim coordinatedly, preferably.

But importantly, when you call out, "The redcoats are coming!" you don't have to explain who the redcoats are, or why that announcement means, "Grab your muskets and come a-runnin'."

Update terms as needed.


TSA Gropers
Why would we need an old-fashioned militia in this day and age? That's silly.

Oh, well, there's this.

Politico headline: Arming TSA officers hits resistance on the Hill
Breitbart headline: Capitol Hill Resists Union's Call for Armed TSA Agents
Drudge headline (linked to Politico): Union moves to arm TSA agents...

Notice how Politico focuses exclusively on "Capitol Hill," Breitbart also puts the focus on "Capitol Hill" while mentioning that upon which Drudge exclusively focuses, the armed Union members angle.

That crazy Drudge guy!

Well, and then there's this.

DHS to Hire "Top Secret" Domestic Security Force

Of course, that's on Infowars. That Alex Jones, what a certifiable tinfoil-hat loon! And what would we have to fear from the TSA or a secret domestic security force? All of these things just tell us how safe we are.


Now, about militias.