A Brief Review of the Revelation's Known History

Delivering those babies to the world.

The Urantia papers and Foreword
were printed in 1955.

They were studied before that
in Dr. W.S. Sadler's home in Chicago.

Dr. Sadler & a small circle
dealt with unknown processes
of delivering these babies to the world.
A larger "Forum,"
a rotating group of Sadler's formulation and maintenance,
studied and reviewed the Urantia revelations as they appeared,
most apparently intrigued if not persuaded by the new teachings,…
Chain o' folks

with at least one notable departing the Forum,
Punted out
admonishing that Sadler was
conducting the process autocratically.

So what was that unknown process of delivery?

"533" also appears in
Comradely Clusters
More about that "one notable" in
How Does Revelation Succeed?

Photo of 533 Diversey^
Dr Wm S Sadler of Urantia Book note^
is not to be confused with
Bill Sadler the actor^