The Trust

Entrusted to a foundation…

Trust Agreement


Notes from #5

As UB Comix #5 was preparing to go to press — copier — whatever —
we received word
that in a summary judgment of the case of
The Urantia Foundation versus Kristin Mahaara,^
an Arizona judge
has voided the foundation's forty-year copy rights
to The Urantia Book.


Thanks to all who helped
with the research for this issue,
whether they meant to or not.
They should not be held responsible
for the use to which I put their work, though,
and so to protect them,
I shall not name them here.

Correction again,
McD's is in Elmwood Park,
not Rolling Meadows.

The Urantia Book is
©1955 Urantia Foundation, Chicago— not!?!
Stealing the papers